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    Hinglaj Mata Mandir

    Hinglaj Mata Mandir is an important Hindu pilgrimage place in Balochistan, Pakistan and Kuldevi of many Kshatriya and other Hindu Communities of India. Hinglaj Mata Mandir is considered the most important Shakti Peeth in the 51 Shakti Peeths. At each of the Peeths, Bhairav mandir (a...
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    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (given name: Maruti) (April 1897 September 8, 1981) worked as a simple bidi seller in Mumbai (known formerly as Bombay) but was considered by many an enlightened being and a master of spirituality. Maharaj was world-renowned and admired for his direct and informal...
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    American/Western Hegemony over Non-Biblical Faiths by Stephanie Ellison

    Adding to that was the disruption of commerce in India as it existed through excise taxation, the imposition of land-title laws, and the removal of Indian factories to Britian3, which is actually partly how the industrial revolution got funded and started! On top of this, history was altered to...
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    American/Western Hegemony over Non-Biblical Faiths by Stephanie Ellison

    Namaste to all readers, American hegemony is a topic of contention, especially when you have someone capable of standing up to this process like Rajiv Malhotra and other collaborators, and revealing to the rest of the world just what is really going on. For me, this shines a light on the “on...
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    Why Rajiv Malhotra Matters to White Hindus Like Me by Stephanie Ellison

    What Rajiv Malhotra is attempting to do is take on the scholars, the Academics who have a hold over this information, and break that hold, because most people continue to learn much inaccurate information through individuals like Jeffrey J. Kripal and Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty. Such individuals...
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    Why Rajiv Malhotra Matters to White Hindus Like Me by Stephanie Ellison

    Namaste to all readers, My name is Stephanie Ellison. I am a Sanātani (Hindu) and have been for many years at varying levels. I first became exposed to it when I was studying to be a Natural Hygienist (natural health educator) in Austin, Texas in 1994-95. Over the years, I learned more about...
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    Hinduism is indeed one of the fastest growing religion in the world. Not only in Ghana, Australia and United States, Hinduism is spreading in parts of Europe also. According to latest census, Hinduism has seen approximately 20% growth in countries like France, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Georgia...
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    Garlic (Rasun)/Allium sativum and It's cultivation

    All the parts of the garlic are static. The Saḿskrta name for garlic is “rasona”. It has five out of the six tastes (rasas). The six tastes are: tikta – neem (bitter); katu – chilli (hot and spicy); kaśava – plantain (alkaline); lavańa (salty); amala (acidic); and madhu (sweet). Garlic has...
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    Left eye twitching Indian superstition

    left eye twitching spiritual meaning varies on basis gender and culture both lets talk about china It is generally sign of good luck and fortune in china, whereas the right is considered as bad sign. In India, it is gender based and for male left eye twitching is opposite of that in China...
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    Hello from a spiritual coach

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    Hinduism is the most democratic and all encompassing way of life. English language does not have a word that describes the word DHARMA in its proper sense. The nearest word is duty or the sense of duty. It is described as the Sanatana Dharma or the ETERNAL DHARMA. The beginning was never said...
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    Top 10 Hindu temples in the world

    Top 10 Hindu temples in the world is what your thread say and of what i see its 9 temples out of 10 are from India.
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    Maharana Pratap (9th May 1540 - 19th Jauary 1597)

    MAHARANA PRATAP was the proudest and most gallant of the chivalrous Hindu Princes. This man was an idealist, proud, stubborn and fiercely loyal to the struggle for dignity, honour and freedom- in an age and land where almost each one of his peers was scrambling hard to get any fame or land...
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    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (1627 - 1680)

    On the 16 June 1974, Shivaji held a vast ceremony, and formally crowned himself king of the region, taking the title "Chhatrapati" which means "Lord of the Umbrella." The title was symbolic of the protective umbrella of Shivaji’s dominion. It was a ceremony that was to have political...
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    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (1627 - 1680)

    Shivaji was amongst the very greatest of warriors, whose life has had a profound effect on history. Shivaji’s life is an emblem of courage, virtue and inspiration for all those who encounter it. Yet many Hindus, particularly in the West, will not have heard of Shivaji (though this is probably...
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    Complaint to Prime minister of Pakistan

    My Dear Prime Minister, Why Sir, for how long Sir, no remorse, no sorry, every day our girls are raped, abducted and forcefully converted. Mr Prime Minister, you say nothing, you do nothing to stop this madness, you might feel proud about your self by inflicting the pain and misery on Hindu...
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    Brihadaranyaka Upanishada

    This incepts the debate and conversation between both of them which assumes a comprehensive form and is explained and narrated in both the Brahmanas. Finally both come to a conclusion that Atman (soul) is the sublime radiance or flame that is enkindled. They themselves are light. He can see...
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    Brihadaranyaka Upanishada

    Introduction - The Brihadaranyaka Upanishada is an integral part of the Vajaseneya Brahmana of the Kaanva branch of the Yajurveda. With respect to the size, this Upanishad is biggest among all the Upanishads hence its name Brihat, and because it is worth reading in the forest (Aranya), it is...