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    Hinduism is the most democratic and all encompassing way of life. English language does not have a word that describes the word DHARMA in its proper sense. The nearest word is duty or the sense of duty. It is described as the Sanatana Dharma or the ETERNAL DHARMA. The beginning was never said...
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    Maharana Pratap (9th May 1540 - 19th Jauary 1597)

    MAHARANA PRATAP was the proudest and most gallant of the chivalrous Hindu Princes. This man was an idealist, proud, stubborn and fiercely loyal to the struggle for dignity, honour and freedom- in an age and land where almost each one of his peers was scrambling hard to get any fame or land...
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    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (1627 - 1680)

    Shivaji was amongst the very greatest of warriors, whose life has had a profound effect on history. Shivaji’s life is an emblem of courage, virtue and inspiration for all those who encounter it. Yet many Hindus, particularly in the West, will not have heard of Shivaji (though this is probably...
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    Complaint to Prime minister of Pakistan

    My Dear Prime Minister, Why Sir, for how long Sir, no remorse, no sorry, every day our girls are raped, abducted and forcefully converted. Mr Prime Minister, you say nothing, you do nothing to stop this madness, you might feel proud about your self by inflicting the pain and misery on Hindu...
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    Brihadaranyaka Upanishada

    Introduction - The Brihadaranyaka Upanishada is an integral part of the Vajaseneya Brahmana of the Kaanva branch of the Yajurveda. With respect to the size, this Upanishad is biggest among all the Upanishads hence its name Brihat, and because it is worth reading in the forest (Aranya), it is...
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    PEACE- INVOCATION AUM SAHANAVAVATU SAHANAO BHUNAKTU| SHHAVIRYAM KARVAAVAHAI| TEJASVINAVADHITA MASTU| MA VIDVISHA VAHAI| FIRST CHAPTER BRAHMA'S CURIOSITY Curious people started discussing amongst themselves- O sages! We have read in the Vedas that Brahma is the cause of this universe. So...
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    Brahmanand Valli (Taitareyopanishad) < ------------------------------------ > Bhrigu-Valli (Taitareyopanishad) Introduction: This Upanishad is an integral part of the Taitareya Aranyaka of the Taitareya branch of the Krishna Yajurveda. Amongst the ten chapters of the Taitareya Aranyaka the...
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    Bhrigu-Valli (Taitareyopanishad)

    Brahmanand Valli (Taitareyopanishad) < ------------------------------------ > Bhrigu-Valli (Taitareyopanishad) FIRST CHAPTER Sage Bhrigu was the son of Varuna. Out of curiosity to realize the cosmic spirit went to his father Varuna and said: O Lord! I want to realize the cosmic spirit. Please...
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    Brahmanand Valli (Taitareyopanishad)

    Brahmanand Valli (Taitareyopanishad) < ------------------------------------ > Bhrigu-Valli (Taitareyopanishad) PEACE INVOCATION AUM SAHANA VAVATU | SAHA NAO BHUNAKTU | SAHA VIRYAM KARVAVAHAI | TEJASVINA VADHITAMASTU | MA VIDWISHAA VAHAAI | FIRST CHAPTER A knowledgeable person can attain...
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    Introduction - The Kenopanishad is a section of Talavakara Brahmana of the Samaveda. The first word of the Upanishad is 'Kena', therefore the name of the Upanishad is Kenopanishad. This is the ninth chapter of the Talavakara Brahmana. The main topic covered in this Upanishad is the 'Supreme...
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    Uttar Kand - Saptam Sopan

    Uttar Kand is divided into 3 parts as in below :- Sriram's Return To Ayodhya And His Crowing Conversation Between Shankar And Parvati Sugreev Departs From Ayodhya Click here for previous Part or Kand or Sopan < ---------- > End
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    Lanka Kand - Shashth Sopan

    Lanka Kand has 4 parts as in below :- Construction Of Bridge Angad Sent As An Envoy Battle Commences Kumbhakarn And Vibhishan's Conversation Click here for previous Part or Kand or Sopan < ---------- > Click here for next Part or Kand or Sopan
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    Sunderkand - Pancham Sopan

    Below is parts of Sunderkand :- Naming As Sundar Kand Hanuman Leaps Across The Ocean Arrival Of Ravan At Ashok Vatika Hanuman Meets Sita Ravan And Hanuman's Conversation Hanuman Meets Sriram Click here for previous Part or Kand or Sopan < ---------- > Click here for next Part or Kand...
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    Kishkindha Kand - Chaturth sopan

    Kishkindha Kand Consists of 3 Parts as in below :- Lord Hanuman Meets Shri Ram Killing Of Baali Sugreev Crowned As King Click here for previous Part or Kand or Sopan < ---------- > Click here for next Part or Kand or Sopan
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    Aranyaya Kand - Tritiya Sopan

    Aranyaya Kand i.e. Tritiya Sopan has been bifurcated into below parts: Sri Rama Meets Sage Atri Sri Rama And Sage Agastya Meeting Shoorpanakha Sita's Entrance Into Fire Sita's Abduction Sri Rama's Lamentation Click here for previous Part or Kand or Sopan < ---------- > Click here for next Part...
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    Ayodhya-Kand - Dwitiya Sopan

    Ayodhya-Kand consists of following chapters (Click on chapter which you want to read) :- Joy Of People Sri Rama's Coronation Kaikayee And Dashrath Exile of Lord Shri Ram Sri Rama At Prayag Sri Rama's Welcome By Valmiki Sumant's Arrival Death Of Dashrath Bharat As The King Bharat's Departure To...
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    Ramayana is basically divided into 7 parts as below : Bal-Kand :- Click here to know about Bal-Kand Ayodhya-Kand :- Click here to know about Ayodhya Kand Aranya-Kand :- Click here to know about Aranya Kand Kishkindha-Kand :- Click here to read about Kishkindha-Kand SunderKand :-...
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    Bal Kand - Pratham Sopan

    Bal-Kand Consists of Following parts :- Introduction Desire Of Sons - Birth Of Princess Vishwamitra's Arrival - Lord Sriram's Departure Vishwamitra's Yagya and Arrival At Janakpur Arrival At The Oblation Site The Breaking Of Bow Janak's Envoy To Ayodhya Grand Welcome Marrige Ceremony Departure...
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    Story of Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya

    Who is more devoted their parents and Parabrahma between God Ganesha and God Kartikeya? Ganesha and His brother Lord Subramanya (Kartikeya) once had a dispute as to who was more devoted to their parents i.e Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi or for that matter the supreme being i.e Parabrahma (In...