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    What happens when you chant Om Mani Padme Hum?

    This mantra is chanted by the Yogis while preforming yoga. This mantra is helpful in providing energy to the various body parts and heals the senses, body, and mind.
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    How long should you do legs up the wall pose?

    You should lie in the perpendicular position against a wall and keep your butt upward. Now, expand your legs and arms and relax. 10-15 minutes is the sufficient time to stay in this position.
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    Why is the story of Rama and Sita important?

    It is a story of the victory of good over evil in which Shriram killed the arrogant demon king Ravana to protect his wife Sita. This epic contains many sermons related to Hindu culture and it gives us the true meaning of duty, love, loyalty, courage.
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    How do you worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday?

    Thursday is a day of prosperity and good fortune. This day is the day of worship of both Lord Vishnu and Goddess Saraswati. On Thursday, first of all, take a bath in the morning, wear yellow color cloths, and then light a lamp of ghee and worship Lord Vishnu.
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    What does the red dot on the forehead mean?

    In the Hindu religion or culture, women apply a red dot on their forehead which is made up of Kumkum. It is also not without purpose. The red color symbolizes energy and elation. The red dot which is called Tilak or Bindi enhances the beauty of women.
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    How do yoga poses change during pregnancy?

    Here are the tips to modify yoga poses during pregnancy: You need a spot where you can get good airflow You need to drink water regularly to keep yourself hydrated You can use some props You should not lay on your belly after the first trimester Do not try a deep twist Laying on...
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    Can a person still hear after they die?

    when a person dies, all senses start gradually going away but the listening sense is the last sense to go away after death. So, yes, it is true that a person can still hear after death or in unconsciousness.
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    What does red dot on Indian woman mean?

    The red dot for Indian women means is called Bindi. It is worn by women as a traditional beauty ornament to look attractive. This is applied between eyebrows on the forehead.
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    What happens to the soul after 40 days?

    Most people believe that after death the soul lives in heaven or hell. These heavens/hells are received according to the deeds of his worldly life. Before the human is born into the world, the soul enters the fetus in the mother's stomach which is immortal.
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    Can I put my legs up during pregnancy?

    Yes, you can put your legs up during pregnancy as it helps in the blood to flow back in your heart and also soothe the swelling in the feet and ankles. But it would be better if you perform this under the guidance of any expert.
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    What does the Bible say about itching?

    As we all know that itching is the annoying sensation on the skin. Bible says about Itching in 2 Timothy 4. "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears...
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    Who is supreme God according to Vedas?

    According to the Vedas, The Supreme God has no beginning, no ending and formless. All the Gods and Goddess worshiped by human beings are all its form. But the Supreme God is the divine power which is shapeless.
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    What does mole on private parts mean?

    It is said that if you have a mole on your private part then he or she is filled with the endless desires of love. This kind of person always search and involved in deep love with someone.
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    Can I do yoga during first trimester?

    Yes, Yoga is beneficial for pregnant women and it stretches and improves the functioning of body parts. Women can practice basic yoga poses under the guidance of Yoga expert. If she feels uncomfortable for any pose then stop practicing.
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    Is Bridge Pose safe during pregnancy?

    Yes, there is no problem to practice bridge poses in your Yoga during pregnancy. This pose stretches the chest, neck, and spine and strengthens the legs.
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    What muscles does happy baby stretch?

    The muscles which get relaxed and improves the functioning by baby stretch are hamstrings, inner thigh, and inner groin, a relaxation. This helps lower back to get relief and helps in the expansion of hips, shoulders, and chest
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    How do you do butterfly pose in yoga?

    Here are steps of doing butterfly pose: Sit with both legs spread in front. Now bend the knees and touch the feet of the feet together. Keeping the hands on the knees, raise the knees upwards and try to join each other. After that bring the knees down and try to attach them with the...
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    What happens immediately after death?

    When a normal person dies, first of all, there is deep darkness before his eyes. After death, he feels nothing. For some time, some voices are heard, some scenes are seen as a dream and then gradually it is lost in deep sleep forever. Some people are lost for eternity, and some take birth in...
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    How many Hindu in Pakistan parliament?

    Hindus in Pakistan comes under minorities. There are 342 national assembly seats in the parliament of Pakistan but only 4-5 seats are allotted to Hindu candidates. So, there may be no more than 4-5 Hindus in the Pakistan parliament.
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    Are there any remains of Mahabharata?

    Mahabharat is the Indian Epic which is considered as a fiction story than reality by most of the people. But, there are some proof of remains of Mahabharat like archeologists have found some arrows, weapons in Kurukshetra. The cities mentioned in Mahabharat Paniprastha, Vanaprastha, and...