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    What are home remedies for body aches?

    The helpful home remedy for the body aches is resting and you should apply ice to the affected part of the body. You should also warm up the body with neem water.
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    What are Home remedies for constipation?

    Constipation is caused because of an unhealthy diet and diet schedule. Well, if you want to get relieved from constipation then you should drink warm water in the morning with an empty stomach. Also, you should increase fiber intake in your diet.
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    What are Home remedies for mouth ulcers?

    If you are suffering from mouth ulcers then you should wash your mouth with salt water and baking soda. Also, you can apply ice on the ulcers or paste of baking soda.
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    One million equal to how many crores?

    One million is equal to 0.1 crores i.e, 1 million is equal to 10 lakh.
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    How to become a Prime Minister of India?

    According to the Indian constitution, you should be a citizen of India and over 25 years of age. you have to be elected in the Lok Sabha election and become a member of Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha.
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    How many highways in India?

    There are the total number of 87 national highways in India and its total distance is 115,435 km.
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    When was Lotus declared the national flower of India?

    Lotus is the national flower of India and it was declared on 26th January 1950. It is said that the Lotus flower represents long life, honor, and good fortune.
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    Which is the most powerful weapon in Hindu mythology?

    According to the Hindu mythology, Bhramastra is the most powerful weapon and it was created by the four heads of Lord Brahma. In the Hindu Epic Mahabharat, Ashwathama used Brahmastra and then cursed by Lord Krishna.
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    In which religion are Vishnu and Shiva central figures?

    Vishnu and Shiva are the central figures of the Hindu religion. In the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva is the god of destruction and Lord Vishnu is the preserver and protector of this Universe.
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    Benefits of chanting Om Namah Shivay

    Om Namah Shivay is the mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva and it has many health benefits like someone who chants this mantra 108 times daily it improves his/her blood circulation and heartbeat.
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    Achyutam Keshavam Rama Rarayanam song

    Here are the lyrics of Achyutam Keshavam Rama Narayanam: अच्युतम केशवं राम नारायणं, कृष्ण दमोधराम वासुदेवं हरिं, श्रीधरं माधवं गोपिका वल्लभं, जानकी नायकं रामचंद्रम भजे। अच्युतम केसवं सत्य भामधावं, माधवं श्रीधरं राधिका अराधितम, इंदिरा मन्दिरम चेताना सुन्दरम, देवकी नंदना नन्दजम सम भजे। विष्णव...
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    Yajurveda chapter 32 verse 3 in Hindi

    Here is chapter 32 verse 3 in Hindi: न तस्य प्रतिमाsअस्ति यस्य नाम महद्यस: । उस ईश्वर की कोई मूर्ति अर्थात् – प्रतिमा नहीं जिसका महान यश है ।
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    Why Lord Krishna not married to Radha?

    It is said that Radha was already a married woman when she fell in love with Lord Krishna. Also, the love of Lord Krishna and Radha was so pure and eternal and they do not need to marry to define their love and relationship.
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    What are Home remedies for Earaches?

    If you are suffering from the earaches or ear infection then warm compressor can provide relief. Also, you can apply olive oil on the infected area.
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    Can home remedies cure Trichomoniasis?

    I do not think there is any home remedy which can treat trichomoniasis but it is said that hydrogen peroxide may be beneficial in case of trichomoniasis. You should also be careful before having the sexual pleasure to avoid this STD.
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    Accidentally stepped on a Lizard

    If you accidentally stepped on a lizard then lizard will lose its tail or it hurt and run away. But lizard will survive its tail after some time and nothing will happen to you. So do not worry and do not believe in any superstition that something will happen to you.
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    Which home remedies for High Blood Pressure?

    Here are home remedies for high blood pressure: Walking in the morning and evening is the best solution Eating potassium-rich food is beneficial for high blood pressure Avoid alcohol and smoking You should also cut sodium intake and caffeine
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    Which Home remedies for Gas?

    Here are home remedies for gas: You should start eating slowly You should stop drinking tea with milk You should drink a glass of warm water in the morning with an empty stomach You should avoid smoking
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    Is Aadhaar card a National Identity card?

    Aadhaar card has become the most essential part of our life now because it is needed everywhere like bank accounts, mobile, etc. Aadhar card is the identity of a person but it is not a national identity card.
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    What happens if right eye blinks for male?

    According to the Indian superstition, it is said that if the right eye of male blinks then it is good for him. For example, if he is going for a job interview then the chances of his success will be more.