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  1. sanatanadhara

    Learning about Shiva

    Can you pls share what you have learned about the origin of Shiva?
  2. sanatanadhara

    Why do Hindus worship cow?

    Evolution happened in two strides, one as a continuation of sentient species (animal to offspring, plant to seed). Second, evolution also happened on a different dimension, it's called consciousness and human beings triumphed to become the dominant species in that regard. Maybe on a parallel...
  3. sanatanadhara

    Karma and Gunas :- How does Karma relate to the Gunas ?

    Karma is an Action or voluntary inaction, which automatically carries its own outcome (Karma Phala). Repeated Karmic action, for example drinking coffee each day, will become Samskara. Repeated Samskara will become Vasana This Vasana and its Samskaras get carried over various lifetimes. In each...