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    How long does your brain live after you die?

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    Why do Hindus worship cow?

    I understand the reverence the Hindu culture has for cows, as they have been seen to be a symbol of nourishment, a source of food, and a symbol of divine protection. Hindus view cows as a sacred animal to be respected and cared for. Cows are also seen to be a symbol of motherhood, providing...
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    Where to buy all four vedas, with english and sanskrit and with how to pronounce?

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    The Antyesti Samskara - (The Funeral Ceremonies)

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    Age of Ramayana and Mahabharata

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    Hindi and Hindu?

    That's exactly what I thought. Thank you a lot! I write this information in my blog Hindi vs Hindu - Difference Between Hindi and Hindu | Difference and Definition
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    Hindi and Hindu?

    Who can explain me what is the difference between Hindu and Hindi?
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    Hi all. Im newbie

    Nice to be a part of this community!