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    Who is the wife of Bheem

    He had two wives - Draupadi and Hidimbi. Draupadi was shared by all the five Pandavas. Hidimbi is also referred as Pallavi or Bhutandevi. She bore a son Ghatotkaca with Bheem.
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    Why Lord Krishna marry Rukmini

    Lord Krishna kidnapped Rukmini and eloped with her to prevent her from an unwanted marriage. Rukmini requested Lord Krishna to do so. So he married her.
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    How did Dwapara Yuga end

    Also spelled as Dvapara Yuga, the Dwapara Yuga came to an end after the death of Lord Krishna. Kali Yuga started from here. It is said the Kali Yuga will come to end after the Kalki Avatar, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu.
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    Which planet is responsible for education

    It is Mercury. The planet is for basic intelligence and early education. The second planet for intelligence is Jupiter.
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    Is Ketu friend of Saturn

    No even though both have similar energy. Try to understand this. Ketu is like Mars or Kuja. Mars and Saturn are not friends. So, Ketu and Saturn cannot be friends.
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    Who wrote Ramayana in Hindi

    Tulsidas translated the original Ramayana in Hindi. His work is called Ram Charit Manas. The original Ramayana was written by Valmiki and it was in Sanskrit.
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    Importance of Buddha statue in house

    It is believed keeping Buddha statue in house brings good luck, wealth and prosperity. It attracts positive energy and even non-Buddhist keep Buddha statue in house.
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    Where to keep Buddha statue in the house

    It should be facing the entrance door. Place in such a location of your home that anyone entering the main door can see the statue of Buddha.
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    How to choose a Buddha statue

    The first thing to note is that why you need a Buddha statue. There are hundreds of statues and you need to choose for one. The basic reason is to help you achieve inner peace. The choice of path is yours own like happy Buddha, Laughing Buddha and so on. Listen to your soul before buying.
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    Buddha statue leaning on one knee sleeping meaning

    It is Lotus Pose depiction of the Buddha. In it he is seen sitting with legs crossed. His both hands are crossed and rested on knee. His head is on top of knee and hands in a resting position. It focuses more on inner peace.
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    Resting Buddha meaning

    The Resting Buddha represents his last illness days when he was about to enter the parinirvana. In the statue he is seen lying down. After his death his followers built such lying down statue.
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    Shakyamuni Buddha statue meaning

    The Shakyamuni Buddha statue refers to the teacher or Buddha who was born as a prince but left everything including palace to find true meaning of life. It is different from the Laughing Buddha statue, which refers to the character Hotei.
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    Shakyamuni Buddha statue

    Shakyamuni Buddha statue simply depict Buddha of our Time as he had no teacher and he completely rediscovered the religion himself. Buddhism did not preexist. His invention founded Buddhism.
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    Shakyamuni Buddha meaning

    Shakyamuni Buddha simply translates as sage of the Shakyas, which was the name of the clan of his family. His father was Shuddhodana and he was the king of the Shakyas, which is currently in Nepal.
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    Who is Buddha Shakyamuni

    Buddha Shakyamuni is Gautam Buddha himself. He was born as Siddhartha Gautama to King Sudhodana in 560 B.C.E. So Buddha was actually a prince.
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    Should essential oils be kept in the dark?

    Yes, of course. All the essential oils are to be kept in dark and cool place, away from direct sunlight.
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    Do essential oils have color?

    Most of the essential oils are colorless, but some has color like patchouli, orange and blue tansy. Lemongrass essential oil is yellow, amber, green or dark blue.
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    How do I choose essential oils?

    It depends on the purpose. There's no definite list like for calming down of nerves you can use lavender, chamomile, basil or Frankincense essential oils. It is better to follow a book that defines all such usage in details.
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    Which is the longest railway tunnel in India

    Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel is the longest in India. It is located in the Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
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    Where should temple be in house

    Temple or pooja room should always be in the north-east direction of any Hindu house. You should face north while praying.