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    What are Home remedies for high blood pressure?

    In order to control the high blood pressure, you should cut your sodium intake and start taking foods filled with potassium. Also, you should start walking early in the morning or evening.
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    What are Home remedies for stomach ulcers?

    The most effective home remedy for the stomach ulcers is flavonoid which is found in many fruits and vegetables. So you should take the juice of flavonoid-rich fruits or vegetables. Probiotics, honey, and garlic are also helpful for stomach ulcers.
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    Right eye twitching superstition

    If the right eye of a woman is twitching then it is a bad omen for her and she may receive some bad results but it is a good moment for male and he will receive some good news in the coming future.
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    Lizard falling on right shoulder

    According to the Indian superstitions, if a lizard falls on the right shoulder of a male then some trouble is waiting for him but in case of female, it is a profitable omen and she may receive some jewels.
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    Can we keep Shiva Lingam at Home?

    Yes, there is no problem in keeping Shiva Lingam at home but you need to take proper care like worshipping Shiva Lingam daily, abhishekam, Shiva aarti with full faith and heart. We should maintain and respect the purity of Shiva Lingam if we are placing it at home.
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    Medicinal plants Basil

    Basil is the medicinal plant which can be found in almost every home in India. This plant is used for making various medicines and also used for the treatment of upset stomach, kidney problem, insect bites.
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    Medicinal plants benefits

    Here are the benefits of medicinal plants: Medicinal plants are used to reduce stress Medicinal plants are used for the treatment of high blood sugar level Medicinal plants are used for the treatment of mental illness Medicinal plants are used for the making of pharmaceutical drugs and...
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    Medicinal plants articles

    Medicinal plants are those which have the same properties like pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. Medicinal plants have antioxidant, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and many more medicinal properties. Medicinal plants are not only used for the treatment of physical and mental...
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    Medicinal plants Amazon rainforest

    Here are medicinal plants found in amazon rainforest: Wasai Lapacho Cordoncillo Tawari Tree Bark Sodo Pusangade Motelo Cola de raton Canellila
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    Celebrations and festivals in Hinduism

    Here are the celebrations and festivals in Hinduism: Diwali Holi Dussehra Ganesh Chathurthi Maha Shivratri Makar Sakranti Rama Navami Raksha Bandhan
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    Most powerful demon in Hindu mythology

    Here are some of the most powerful demons in Hindu mythology: Madhu and Kaithba Ravan Vritra Meghnada Hiranyakashipu Raktabija Rahu Hiranyaksha
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    Reincarnation in Hinduism and Buddhism

    Hinduism and Buddhism both religions believe in the concept of reincarnation. Buddhism believe that the soul gets a new fresh body after death.
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    Does Hinduism believe in reincarnation?

    Hinduism believes in the concept of reincarnation. Also, there are other religions like Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism also believes in reincarnation.
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    How many Hindu Gods are there in total?

    According to the Hindu religion, there are 330 million Hindu God and Goddess but it is very difficult for anyone to know the name of all 330 million God and Goddess.
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    What is the ultimate goal of Hinduism?

    According to Hindusim, the ultimate goal of life is the unification of the soul with ParamBrahman which is called Moksha (freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth).
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    How many times should i chant a mantra?

    If you want the maximum benefits instantly then you should chant 100008 times. Ideally, a mantra should be chanted 108 times at least.
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    What religion doesn't eat beef or pork?

    I think today everybody is eating beef or pork but some Hindu community like Brahmins and also Jainsimdo do not eat beef or pork.
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    Medicinal plants review 2018

    As we all know that medicinal plant is the great source of various pharmaceutical drugs and medicines all over the world. Medicinal plants have properties like antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory which are useful for the treatment of various physical and mental disorders.
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    Medicinal plants roots

    Here are medicinal plants roots: Marshmallow Thyme Yarrow Garlic Calendula Artichoke Lavender Licorice
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    Medicinal plants of Bhutan

    Here are medicinal plants found in Bhutan: ri-sgog spra-ba sga-tig-khra-bo srub-ka bya-rgod-srub-ka lug-mig chu-de-ba skyer-pa-dkar-po