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    10 Differences between Hindus and Muslims in their Voting Habits

    India is a democratic country where each and every religion is ‘supposed’ to have equal rights (there is no Uniform Civil Code in place, by the way). But, the diverse religions—Hindus, Muslims, Sikh, Christian, Jain and Buddhism among others—together define India’s culture and ethnicity. Each...
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    Watch it, believe It or not!! The terrifying Aghori Sadhus

    Aghoris, the most feared and most of various sects found in India. Aghori is derived from Sanskrit word Aghor which implies a natural statue of consciousness, but contrary to that Aghoris have rituals that are terrifying and disgusting to common people. But as per the Aghoris sect, Aghori is the...
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    Decoding The Shocking Truth Of The Current Hindu Beliefs

    Hinduism is looked down upon by many people as a religion of baseless practices and rituals. Some even consider them to be superstitions. Today, the initiative to clear the air and give Hindus something to be proud of. Family members and people in general keep distance from women who are...
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    Amazing Mysterious Facts Of Your Dreams No One Will Tell You – Do They Come True?

    Ever since the beginning of human kind, dream has been one of those mysteries that no one has been able to unlock yet. Why do we dream? How can we see in our dreams with eyes closed? Why does it feel real? Who controls these dreams and who is behind? Several such questions haunt any rational...
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    Defaming Controversies of Popular Spiritual Leaders

    Swami Nithyananda- In March 2010, Sun News Broadcasted a video that allegedly showed Nithyananda having sexual acts with allegedly Tamil actress Ranjitha. But his followers claimed it to be a fake video to defame him. Nithyananda himself said that he was in a state of Samadhi when the video was...
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    Why Hindus Don’t Eat Holy Cow (Beef)- important to Hindus, Freedom In Hinduism

    There is a slight difference between yogi, visionary, mystic and Sadhguru although they all are spiritual masters. is a spiritual master with a difference. The mixture of pragmatism and deep understanding, once work as well as life shows that yoga is termed to be contemporary science. Why Hindu...
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    Ramayana Chronicles : The construction of Rama Setu

    When Ravana, the king of Lanka had abducted Sita and taken her to his kingdom in Sri Lanka, Lord Rama along with Lakshmana, Hanuman and a large army of King Sugreeva had to cross a gigantic ocean to reach Lanka. To make a safe passage for the huge army, which was numbered more than a hundred...
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    Patanjali Yoga Sutras – Ashtanga

    The art and science involved in constructing the union of body, mind and soul as termed as Yoga.Its mainly objectives are to bring a harmony of breath and heartbeat, to open the third eye to perceive yourself as a part of the whole creation, to bring back the peace of mind and stability of...
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    Scientific Hinduism

    The unending battle between religion and science will probably never have an ending it seems. Every argument has its counterpart. Luckily,we will not go into debates today, instead we will provide a few scientific arguments which some may term as facts to support the idea of Hinduism being...
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    How To Meditate According to Hinduism

    Mediation is an inward journey to explore your inner self to discover the hidden truth you are unconsciously in search of. Today, we are going to discuss the steps and guidelines about how to meditate according to hinduism. Physical Benefits: Normalizes blood pressure Improves immunity...
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    The Life of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansha

    The Inception Sri Ramakrishna is one the great souls that walked on earth in nineteenth century. He was born to a poor Brahamin family in a small village of West Bengal. Before his birth, his father had a dream from Lord Vishnu stating that a holy child will be born to them. Childhood From...
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    15 Lesser Known Facts About Lord Rama

    The Epic Ramayana, an asset to Indian Culture and Scripture, takes a considerable amount of time in one’s life to unravel the hidden significance of the historical characters and events depicted in it. Unraveling some quite significant and intriguing yet less known facts that even our...
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    How to attain God As per Hinduism?

    Various Ways To Attain God: Worship –an act of devoting one’s self in search of the Ultimate One. Though different religions follow different styles of worship leading to one common goal, Hinduism doesn’t have a static one. In Hinduism, there are various forms of worship – various steps –...
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    Who is the son of Lord Hanuman?

    Other aspects of lord hanuman can be found on this article of Lord Hanuman
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    Monkey god Hanuman and his worship

    More detailed information about lord hanuman can be found here
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    lord rama and hanuman paintings

    Great Mahabali Hanuman Jai Shree Ram
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    The Inspiring Hanuman from The Ramayana

    Hanuman goes down in the history of Indian Culture as a great powerful and instant motivational hero. He has done almost all the impossible heroic deeds courageously and with full devotion to Lord Rama. He has always been an inspiring figure for all the Hindus in character building and...
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    12 Shiva Temples in India

    Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple (Maharashtra) Trimbakeshwar Shiva temple is particularly located on the banks of Godavari River which is even considered to be scared. This temple was built by Balaji Baji Rao and is one of the religious centers in India where lord Shiva abodes. The lingam which is...
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    12 Shiva Temples in India

    The set of 12 Shiva Temples in India is collectively known as Jyotirlinga. These 12 temples are spread all over in India and are considered to be the most sacred places for devotees of Shiva. Visiting these 12 Shiva temples in one go is quite a laborious task so the devotees makes out plan in...
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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Hindu Temples In The World

    Pashupathinath Temple is one the most critical sanctuaries of Lord Shiva on the planet. It is one among the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams. Pashupathinath means Lord of the Animals. It is the most seasoned Hindu sanctuary in Kathmandu. As indicated by the most established ever account in Nepal, it...