A Guide to Samadhi - First Surrender, Then Samadhi


May 1, 2019
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The jewels of spiritual practice are finally amalgamated for the practitioner when he understands how to surrender to Lord Krishna. The transcendental plane of existence is the playground of the Lord, and to gain vision of Vrndavana one must surrender his consciousness to Krishna and Krishna alone. Internal and prayerful requests while chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra to see and participate in the Lord's lila, accompanied by a total release of one's environment and dependence on the mercy of the Lord, will greatly help one in contacting the Supreme Personality of Godhead on the transcendental plane. At that time, by Krishna's grace, one can become absorbed in Krishna lila. The form of the Lord , even just a fragment, awakens the devotees eagerness for transcendental absorption. He experiences that Krishna's beautiful and captivating form is totally satisfying, not like any other experience anywhere. This focus on Krishna and everything related to Krishna is called samadhi. Unlike the samadhi of the impersonalists, who do not believe in the personal form of the Lord, the devotee relishes Krishna's personality and pastimes. If Krishna appears mischievous to the heart of the devotee, that increases his happiness even more. There are no limitations to Krishna's personality or pastimes. All of His devotees on the transcendental plane of Vrndavana are engaged in serving and remembering Him. He is the cynosure of everyone. He is the delight of everyone. Sometimes He is relaxing with His friends, sometimes He is stealing butter, milking the cows, playing His flute, delighting the gopis. Existence on the spiritual plane is centered 100% around the life and pastimes of Lord Krishna. This natural state of samadhi is called pure devotional service, and is far beyond the state of samadhi sought after by impersonalists. Krishna samadhi is superior to brahman samadhi because it is permanent and ever increasing. Furthermore, there is no opportunity to enter into a personal relationship with Krishna in the impersonal atmosphere. In Krishna lila, everyone has a personal form of eternal bliss and knowledge, with which to render personal service to the Lord. Krishna surrounds Himself with His unlimited pure devotees and enjoys life with everyone. There are no material impediments to the enjoying atmosphere of Vrndavana. Vrndavana is beyond the material world. It is the personal playground for the most glorious form of the Personality of Godhead. Everyone is fully and completely in love with Krishna, Their hearts are sold out to Krishna and the devotees can think of no one but Krishna and His well being. Similarly, out of compassion and causeless mercy, the Lord is sold out to the pleasure of His devotees. Together, they live in complete bliss and love for one another, with Krishna the center of attention.

The primary difference, therefore, between material and spiritual consciousness, is that material consciousness is noticeable by it's absorption in itself while spiritual consciousness is noticeable by it's absorption in Krishna. Consciousness by it's own nature is absorbed in a life of activity. To suspend consciousness from it's natural state of activity can only result in a temporary suspension. After some time, consciousness must resume activity. External consciousness is absorbed within the material atmosphere while internal consciousness is absorbed in the spiritual atmosphere. The qualities of material life are just the opposite of spiritual life. If one is fortunate enough to obtain the guidance of a pure devotee of the Lord, he discovers the nature of spiritual existence and loses all attraction for material life. Material life becomes only a shadow or reflection of Reality. The devotee perceives that material life originates from the spiritual plane and has no separate reality. Therefore, a pure devotee, knowing full well that material life is only a perverted reflection of Reality, seeks out Lord Krishna, the Original Person, and surrenders fully unto His lotus feet. The Lord, being unlimitedly kind upon His pure devotees, gives them eternal shelter. Pure devotees are engaged cent per cent in the service and pleasure of the Lord, without any desire for anything else. Krishna becomes the devotee's life and soul. When the pure devotee gives up his body, he assumes his pure and unchanging spiritual form, just suited for loving relationships with Krishna. Unlike the material world, there is no boredom or unhappiness serving Krishna. He is the perfect master, son, friend , husband and lover. There is never any unhappiness with Krishna. That is the meaning of Krishna Consciousness, the perfect state of spiritual existence.

source: krsnaconsciousness.org