Bharat Meets Sri Rama


Apr 28, 2019
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When they reached the place where Sri Rama had made a halt, Bharat saw Sri Rama sitting surrounded by the sages and hermits. Bharat and Shatrughana made salutations to Sri Rama. Laxmana too greeted Bharat.

As soon as Sri Rama heard Bharat’s voice, he took Bharat in his embrace and after that he embraced Shatrughana.

Bharat then greeted Sita respectfully. Sita blessed him. Seeing Sita’s cheerfulness, all the apprehensions of Bharat had gone. Everybody sat quietly without uttering a word.

When Nishaadraaj broke the silence by informing Sri Rama that Vashishta and other dignitaries of Ayodhya have come to see him, Sri Rama met everybody. Among his mothers, he first met Kaikayee and then the rest of the mothers.

Sita too greeted her mothers-in-law. But when she saw the signs of their widowhood, she closed her eyes in fear. But soon, she regained her composure and met all of her mothers-in-law and received their blessings.

Vashishta then informed Rama about Dashrath’s death. Sri Rama became restless. His sorrow aggravated when he learnt that Dashrath died because he could not bear Sri Rama's separation. In the morning everyone took bath. By the permission of the sages Sri Rama offered sesame seeds in the name of his father Dashrath as oblations.

Sri Rama then requested everybody to return to Ayodhya because here in the forest there were lots of hardships.

Bharat and the other sages sat in a meeting with Vashisht to devise a plan which would help Sri Rama to return to Ayodhya. But it was of no avail, as they could not reach at any conclusion.

Then Bharat said with his folded hands.

"The learned men are of the opinion that, when there is a fear of loosing everything, and if by giving half a man’s life is saved, then an intelligent man does the same and saves his life. Accordingly, we have decided that Shatrughan and me should go to the forest where as Sri Rama, Laxmana and Sita should return to Ayodhya."

Everybody was pleased by Bharat’s decision. Then everybody went to Sri Rama's hermitage. Vashishta insisted Rama to accept Bharat’s proposal. Sri Rama unaware of Bharat’s plan agreed to abide by his proposal. Vashishta told Bharat to reveal his plans but Bharat was hesitant. Sri Rama also insisted him to reveal his plan and promised that he would follow whatever he says. Then Bharat said-

"Lord! its the duty of a servant to obey his master. A servant, who causes distress to his master to accomplish his own tasks is not a true servant. O Lord! Everyone’s desires would be fulfilled if you return back to Ayodhya. We have brought all the necessary things required for the coronation. Now it is up to you to decide. Please command Shatrughana and me to go into exile and you return to Ayodhya. If that is not possible then instruct Laxmana and Sita to return to Ayodhya. If even this is not possible then let all three brothers go into exile and you along with Sita return to Ayodhya."

Sri Rama became quiet and did not reply. Right then an envoy of King Janak arrived there. He looked at Sri Rama and became very sad. Vashishta asked about the well being of Janak and the people of Janakpuri.

The envoy then narrated everything about Janak. He also informed him that Janak had given his kingdom to his subjects and came to see you all.

Everybody was pleased by this news. Vashishta then sent some tribals to bring Janak with full honour. But Sri Rama was immersed in his own thoughts and was wondering what would happen now. Kaikayee was feeling ashamed of herself.

Right then, Janak also arrived there. When he saw Sita in a recluse appearance wearing coarse clothes, he was filled with grief but at the same time, he was also proud of her conduct. He said-

"You have brought fame to both the clans."

Sita became shy and thought that her father was unduly praising him. Her mother Sunayna also took Sita in her embrace.

After Sita had gone, Sunayna who had earlier met Kaushalya and came to know about Bharat’s desire of renouncing the crown and seeing Sri Rama as the king of Ayodhya, narrated the whole story to Janak. Janak was very much impressed by Bharat’s character.

Vashishta requested Janak to devise a mean which benefits one and all. Bharat too came and made the same request.

Janak came to Sri Rama and narrated whatever Bharat had said. Janak also said that everyone would abide by whatever decision Sri Rama takes. Sri Rama then said- "It would not be proper for me to say anything in Janak’s presence. I would obey whatever you decide."

Now everybody looked at Bharat, as even Janak’s request had had no effect on Sri Rama.

The deities apprehending that now it was getting unduely late and that the cause, for which Sri Rama had accepted the exile, might suffer they caused a diversion in minds of everyone. Now all the people, except Bharat, Janak and the sages became troubled by the thoughts of their homes and their relatives.

When Bharat again insisted Sri Rama to return to Ayodhya, Sri Rama said- "Brother Bharat your existance is pivotal for the religion to florish in all round way. Your deeds and actions are incomparable, so now share my calamity by bearing all the troubles for the stipulated period of fourteen years of exile and also permit me to proceed."

Bharat realized that Sri Rama was firm in his resolution, but he said- "Lord by the permission of our preceptor we had brought holy water of all the places of pilgrimages, for your coronation. Now what shall we do with it?"

Sri Rama instructed Bharat to keep the holy water in the auspicious place of Chitrakut by the permission of the revered sages.

Then Sage Atri instructed Bharat to pour the holy water in the beautiful well situated at Chitrakut. This well later on came to be known as Bharatkoop. It is still a holy place of pilgrimage in Chitrakut.

Bharat remained at Chitrakut for five more days and saw the beautiful sites of the forest of there. Then Bharat sought Sri Rama’s permission and returned to Ayodhya. He said-

"Lord you have fulfilled all of my desires. Now I seek your permission so that I can return to Ayodhya and serve the people there till your return after fourteen years. Also tell me how can I see you the next time."

Sri Rama then gave his Sandals to Bharat. Bharat bore the sandals on his head with great respect and sought Sri Rama’s permission to return to Ayodhya. At the time of his departure both Sri Rama and Bharat were overflowing with emotions, tears were rolling down from their eyes. The scene saddened even the deities.

Bharat met Laxmana and Sita, he sought Sita's blssings. Sri Rama made salutations to his father in-law Janak and said that he was sorry for the hardships he had to face, because of him. Then Sri Rama saw off the Brahmins, sages and the hermits.

Sri Raghunath then greeted mother Kaikayee and after making her conscious free from guilty feelings, made her sit in the palanquin. After that he saw off Kaushalya. Nishad Raj was also seen off with full respect.

After everyone had departed, Sri Rama and Sita were sitting under the Banyan tree in a morose mood. Sri Rama described about Bharat’s love towards him.


The caravan of Bharat which included the sage Vashisht, the Brahmins, many other sages and king Janak, was returning quietly, full of grief and sorrow caused by their separation from Sri Rama. That day no one ate anything. Next day they came across the Ganges where Nishad Raj welcomed and treated them. On the third day they reached at the bank of river Gomati, in which all of them took bath and on the fourth day they reached Avadhpur (Ayodhya).

Janak stayed at Ayodhya for four days and after seeing Bharat taking over as the king proceeded for Janakpur. The people of Ayodhya, following the advice of Vashisht lived peacefully since that day, eagerly awaiting for the return of Sri Rama.

Bharat appointed various ministers and assigned them with specific jobs. He appointed Shatrughan in the service of their mothers.

Bharat kept Rama’s sandal on the throne and himself started living at a small hut in Nandigrama. For fourteen long years he lived a simple life like a sage. He slept on the mat made of Kusha grass and ate only roots, tubers and raw fruits.

Bharat used to worship the sandals of Sri Rama daily and performed all his duties under their auspices.


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