Departure Of The Procession


Apr 28, 2019
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Early morning, king Dasharath sent a message to Janak seeking permission for departure of the marriage procession but Janak pleaded to extend their stay by one more day.

The sages Satanand and Vashishth convinced Janak to change his mind and he ultimately gave permission for the departure.

King Janak then asked his secretary to inform the queens about the departure of the marriage procession.

Sri Rama went to Sunayna and told her that he has been sent by his father to seek her permission for the departure of the marriage procession. He said:

"Forgive me if I have committed any mistake considering me as your child."

Hearing this from Sri Rama all the women present there started wailing. Sunayna could not say a word because of her grief. Giving Sita's hand in the hands of Sri Rama she said:

"Sita is dearest not only to me but to all the people of Janakpur, so forgive her if she unknowingly commits any mistake."

Now it was the time for Sita's departure. The whole atmosphere of Janakpur was filled up with grief. Even the parrots and mynas, which were nurtured by Sita with so much of love and care also became restless and began to ask "where is Sita?"

When Sri Rama appeared before Janak along with his brothers and Sita. Janak could not contain himself when he saw tears rolling in her eyes. He took Sita in his embrace and started weeping. His ministers and other courtiers advised him to control his emotions.

Sita was made to sit in a palanquin. Dasharath and Janak embraced each other for the last time. Sri Rama along with his brothers paid respect to Janak and then the marriage procession commenced its' return journey towards Ayodhya.


When the people of Ayodhya came to know about the arrival of marriage procession, they became very happy and joyous. They decorated their houses so beautifully. The women were singing, dancing and rejoicing. All the people of Ayodhya went towards the outskirts of the city to welcome the marriage procession. They were extremely pleased, when they saw the four brothers accompanied by their respective brides.

In this way, by the permission of Sage Vashishth, king Dashrath entered the palace along with his sons and the brides. He instructed Sri Rama and his brothers to take rest.

Since the queens were seeing Sri Rama after a long time, they curiously asked many questions regarding his life in the forest. Sri Rama related his whole story- how he killed the demons- how Ahilya regained her human form by the touch of his feet and many other incidences. After this everyone went to sleep. In the morning, all the four brothers went to the royal court. Vashishtha and Vishwamitra also arrived there. Vashishtha narrated some mythological stories, which everybody listened to attentively.

Then Vishwamitra desirous of taking a leave, sought Dasharatha's permission Dasharatha requested him to keep on coming. Then Dasharath and everybody else present in the court, paid respect to Vishwamitra by touching his feet. Vishwamitra makes a leave.
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