Diet According To Your Zodiac Sign


May 1, 2019
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What to eat?

We eat what we like, but our bodies also resist what it does not like. But, our selection of our food depends on our personality traits and they in turn are defined by our zodiac signs. So, to make it simpler, we are going discuss about the healthy things that we can eat as per our zodiac signs.

Aries : - The Arians love pleasures and they love pulling themselves to new heights. They do not think much about what they eat, and they give up quickly on any diet plans as they can’t stick with them for a long time. So, if you are a Ram, then compete with a friend or rival for having a diet program.

The preferred diet: taking proteins should be your priority rather than carbs

Taurus :- They love eating, and maintain diet for them is difficult. If they set up a diet, they will crib about it all the time. It is advised that they should cut down on sweets and change them with healthy options.

The preferred diet: eat veggies and the salads.

Gemini :- The twins need to work hard and have a strong diet to keep them fit and fine. They have to maintain strictness or they might not lose weight at all.

The preferred diet: Stay clear from fast food

Cancer :- Cancer people crave for food but they are sentimental about it too. They seek comfort and happiness in food. But they should keep a right attitude and change their perspective towards dieting; hence the comfort stash of food should take the back side.

The preferred diet: stay clear off oily and unhealthy things

Leo :- Lions can achieve things, and if they want a work on a diet they can achieve it. People and friends around the Lions can also help them to focus on their diet plan.

The preferred diet: Stay away from Carbs based sauces and opt for light marinates

Virgo :- A Virgo will make a very detailed and a meticulous diet plan; which would include keeping notes, records and dairies. They will take it pretty personally and make it quite vital. But, the plans have to be long term as short ones won’t work, but they have to be continuous too.

The preferred tip: go for organic stuff and do not over do it.

Libra :- Following a single diet won’t be an easy thing to do for them, as they will tinker with it all the time. But, if a Libran is told that a good diet can make him or her attractive looking, then they will stick to it.

The preferred diet: go for food that has potassium

Scorpio :- The Scorpions will do anything to make their diet plan work; in fact they can take any steps for it. They are quite goal oriented and this can be applied here too. The more challenging their diet is, the more they will make it work and yield benefits from it.

The preferred diet: Roughage or diet fibre intakes

Sagittarius :- Sagittarius people like making fun plans, but if the plan doesn’t work out that well, they mid way bail out of it. But, if they stick with it, then they will yield benefits with it.

The preferred diet: sub out things like cream, sugar and salt

Capricorn :- They are very target oriented, and they have the patience to achieve them. That’s why they can stay truthful with their diet with their tenacity and perseverance. But, they must not overdo it or they might get hurt, as they should enjoy the plan rather than make a game of it.

The preferred diet: Tai Chi or any other aero or cardio exercises should be done along with it.

Aquarius :- The Aquarians love to experiment things as they love to mix everything up. Their diet can also be same, but they prefer to mix or customize it themselves as per their own taste buds. This is good for them.

The preferred diet: Limited amounts of alcohol

Pisces :- They would want their diet to be perfect, but that might be easier said than done. They want their diet plan not to dictate any limits, and this can be a huge personal negative for them. They should do dances or yoga to release the pain whilst doing the diet.

The preferred diet: Keep drinking the fluids on



May 1, 2019
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I don't believe in having diet according to zodiac signs,only in India we have all seasons,the people their body,skin differ from person to person.So you cant judge diet according to their zodiac signs.Irrespective of zodiac signs ,one should have balanced diet with protein rich diet,vitamins and less carbohydrates to keep fat away. Dont limit yourself and get boredom,God gave many things to eat and enjoy.
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