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Apr 28, 2019
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Diwali is a time for celebration, grandeur, happiness and most of all - devotion. Diwali is the best time to bring the family together and overcome common problems. The following is a special ‘Diwali Aiswarya Pooja’ which is said to usher in auspiciousness and shower prosperity on the family which conducts it. This Diwali Aiswarya Pooja can also help to bring better understanding between quarrelling family members, better health for children and success for the head of the family.

On the night before Diwali, clean a section of your ‘pooja room’ or ‘living room’ and sprinkle a pinch of powdered salt on the floor and then keep things ready for the next day’s Diwali pooja.

On the day of Diwali, after everyone finishes their bath in the morning (ideally before 7am), keep a photo or idol of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna . Then light a lamp in front of the photo/idol. You may light any number of lamps to enhance the beauty of the pooja area, but keep one main lamp in front of the photo/idol and place it on a plate. Also light a few incense sticks beside the photo. You may also place garlands on the idol/photo or place some flowers at the base of the idol/photo. Now place a folded cloth or mat and sit in front of the lamp (preferably the whole family should sit down n take part, elders can sit on chairs also). Then the head of the family (or anyone who has genuine interest) can sit beside the main lamp and perform the following pooja.

Take a bowl of rice and a bowl of sugar, and keep it beside you. Take a grain of rice with the ring finger and thumb of your right hand and chant the following : om vakratundaya ekadantaya lambhodaraya namosthuthe. Then place the grain of rice at the foot of the main lamp. Now take a pinch of sugar in the same way and place it at the foot of the lmap after chanting the same mantra. Repeat this process 7 times, such that you provide rice and sugar alternately. This is done to appease Lord Ganesha and to get his blessings so that there may be no obstacles in the pooja and in the household.

Now dip your right hand in water to wash off any excess sugar or rice, and then place your right palm over your left palm and chant : om namo narayanaya ,21 times along with your family members.
Then take some rice with the ring finger,middle finger and thumb of your right hand and chant the following sloka (other members of the family can chant along with you) :

om namo bhagavathe vasudevaya govinda
veera raja mangaladayaka prajapati namo
mukunda sarvadevata hari shree namah om

and then place the rice at the foot of the lamp. Repeat the same with sugar. Continue the above process 108 times. Then chant om namo narayanaya as many times as you wish and maybe even sing a few bhajans to enhance the devotional atmosphere.

In the end, light some camphor and perform aarti in front of the photo. Then take the rice and sugar mixture and boil it in water. You may all consume this Prasad after your lunch.

[Tip: to keep track of the number of chants without diverting your attention, keep aside an equivalent number of flowers or dried black pepper. For example, if you are supposed to chant a mantra 21 times, then keep aside 21 flowers on a plate, so that you can move one flower after chanting the mantra once. This will prevent you from worrying about losing track of the number of repetitions. ]


May 1, 2019
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Thanks for sharing how to do lakshmi pooja on diwali.Many people are unaware of it and very few people follow it due to poverty,backwardness etc Money makes things.We do pooja to appease Goddess Lakshmi,she brings us health,wealth, prosperity and happiness.

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