Garlic (Rasun)/Allium sativum and It's cultivation


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Apr 28, 2019
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All the parts of the garlic are static. The Saḿskrta name for garlic is “rasona”. It has five out of the six tastes (rasas). The six tastes are: tikta – neem (bitter); katu – chilli (hot and spicy); kaśava – plantain (alkaline); lavańa (salty); amala (acidic); and madhu (sweet). Garlic has all of the tastes except acidic.

Garlic is indigestible, so it comes out in the perspiration. Thus, it helps in the expulsion of hidden diseases. Yet, it has negative effects also, so it is not to be eaten by persons following a sentient diet. Those who eat garlic emit a very foul odour. Garlic can be used as a medicine, but it is not necessary to eat it as a food.

In very cold climates static food becomes mutative, and mutative food becomes sentient. In such climates householders (grhis) may take garlic.
There is a children’s rhyme about garlic. A bird sang a song and everyone heard different things. The bird sang, “Na na na na nanan na”. The scholar heard, “Rama, Siita, Dasharath”. The mullah heard, “Allah, Mohammad, Hazarat”. The wrestler heard, “Dan, Baithaka, Kasarat”. The cook heard, “Rasun, Piaz, Adarak”.
Garlic is propagated by planting bulbs (kovas). Each bulb should be planted so that three quarters is below the ground and one quarter is above the ground. The quarter above the soil must not be buried under any circumstances, and it must also remain above water during irrigation. The water requirement for garlic is less than that of small onion (chota piaz), but more than that of big onion (bara piaz).
Garlic can be cultivated on the border line of wheat and early boro paddy fields. When growing garlic with rice, sow the garlic in two rows so that it forms equilateral triangles. One line of safflower seeds (kusum biija) should be sown between the rows of garlic so that each seed is in the middle of one triangle.
Research should be done on garlic to pinpoint its medicinal properties, and to ascertain whether there is any possibility of producing garlic oil from the leaves.
-Shrii P.R Sarkar
(Ideal Farming)
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