History behind Sri Hanuman Chalisa


May 1, 2019
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Sant Sri Tulsidasjis birth name was Rambola because the day he took birth he said Sri Ram & so everybody started calling him Rambola, he appeared after 12 months from her mothers womb, looked 5 years older than normal kids, when the chord of the mother attached with the child’s navel was been cut, sound of counsel was heard which was an indication of a divine soul has taken birth

He gained knowledge of the entire Ved & Vedanga, Valmiki Ramayan within 15 years. He became a tutor at the age of 15, one day he saw few brahmacharis missing in his school, he inquired. One bramachari said, on a Banayan tree resides a Brahma piscah (piscah are desired Ghost).

Who turns to a Brahma pichash?
Those who lack respect for Guru & calls guru by low grade words (eg. hindi word TU - means You ) & those who does shastrarth (proving the scriptures wrong with some different conclusion is shastrath) they turn to Brahma Piscah. Those who ignores the guru, behaves rude & defeats Brahmanas in shastrath turns to piscaha but they are very strong because they got scriptural knowledge & austerities powers which they earned in their human body.

Question arise how come bhoot/pret, piscaha in a place like Kashi which is the place for liberation after death for everybody?
There are 2 types of keshtra in Kashi.
1. Sadya mukti - kedar kshetra is where sadhyatya mukti is given (liberation forever)
2. Kramsaha mukti - kashi khana, person gets mukti after deserving Bhairav yatna.

Now this Brahma Pischa use to trouble those who were impure.
Who are impure?
Any women with untied hair, or any body without washing their face after toilet/loo, anybody not washing their face/hands after food were/are considered as impure & the bhoot/picsha harms such people only.

Tulsidas Goswami first time in hind compiled 40 chaupaies which was named as “SRI HANUMAN CHALISA”

This is a Stotram, Hanuman chalisa is like the mother of all Chalisa until now,

Chaupai from Chalisa - “bhoot piscah nikat nahi ave mahavir jab naam sunave”

Everybody took help of Sri Hanuman Chalisa & no more problems they had to face from the Brahma Picsha.

All Glories to Hanuman Chalisa
All Glories to the compiler of Hanuman Chalisa
All Glories who recites Hanuman Chalisa