Should India have a uniform civil code?


May 1, 2019
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YES. India needs a uniform civil code that is similar to developed countries like US, Australia. That is
1. All employees must be treated alike.
2. We have people in the govt/public sector enjoying annual leave, privilege leave, casual leave, sick leave, totaling more than 100 days a year.
3. Employees in Govt/public sector have innumerable public holidays for all religious festivals in the central govt it is around 30 a year.
4. Most of these employees have 5-day week, have LTA, loans at VERY NOMINAL rates.
5. For census and other related employment only Govt employees are chosen, besides this they earn DA, drought relief, flood relief etc.
6. Compare this with the poor private employee, they work long hours, 6 day week, have just 9 days holidays and very few leave benefits, most of them don’t get any DA etc.
By the poor private employee, I mean persons working in hotels, restaurants, small shops, and mechanic shop. I don’t refer to "organized labor" of the poor multi nationals who can hold the nation to ransom by their strike.
Have a Uniform civil code whether it is a Govt employee or a private or self-employed. Labor and recreational benefits should be the same.
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