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May 1, 2019
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People have always discriminated the Vedic teachings mainly on the Class system teachings, saying that Shudras are from the backward class & they are prohibited from doing many rituals, Temples, sandhaya Vandana etc.

Let see what did our Saints, History & Scriptures says about being borned in a Sudra Family.

Kabir Vani - Hari Na Bhaje So Bhangi "Those who donot worship ishwara/Hari/Parmeshwar they are all Bhangi/Sudra"

--According to Valmiki Ramayan
Sabri mata was from Sabar kul/ a community in which Meat eating & drinking was not a crime due to lack of knowledge. She left her house at the age of 9 & secretly served the sadhus in The Jungle. Sabri mata had served Matan Rishi his Guru for almost 50,000 years & when Rishi Matan left for Vainkutha Dham on his request Sabri mata stayed & waited for Sri Ram for another 10,000 years. According to Nabhaji (Compiler of Granth Bhakta maal) Bhagwan Sri Ram incarnated just for Mata Sabri because just by his sankalp/thaught he can generate many universe & can destroy many universe & so to kill Ravana was not a big deal but to please his devotees he cant do it with a Sankalp but he personally appears to bless them.

Lord Sri Rama says in Valmiki Ramayan to his 3 mothers that Mother the food that was cooked from your hands is wonderful but it is not as good as the ber given by Sabri Mata & same thing was said to King Janak.

There isn't even single indian who doesn't know about Mata Shabri and Sabri ke Ber. 9,00,000 years old Scripture proves Sabri mata borned in a Sudra family according to Rigvedi Brahmins such a Great devotee of Lord Rama which cant be described but how big was Lord Sri Rama a Bhakta of Sabri can be read. Sri Rama gave her instructions on Navdha bhakti/9 types of Bhakti & said you are an acharya of Navdha Bhakti. This was from Tretayuga


Smritis, composed by sage Atri defines Brahmanism very clearly.

"By birth, every human is a Shudra which means an ignorant being. Through different types of karma's or disciplines (samskaras), he becomes a dwija which means twice born. Through the studies of scriptures, he becomes a vipra (or a scholar). Through realization of supreme spirit (brahmajnana), he becomes a brahmin."

Janmana jayte shudraha ! sanskaran dwij uchyate
vedpathi bhaved vipraha ! brahma janati brahmanaha.

Scriptures says a person can become a Brahmin by Samskars, Chandragupta was a Sudra who turned a Kashtriya by the teachings of his Guru Chanakya Pandit.


Chokhamela was born on 1589 or 1532 A.D in charmakardampatis house (Leather products maker) He was considered as a Sudra by Rigvedi Brahmans of Maharashtra/Pandarpur. The story of chokhamela would be shared in another post, before Chokhamela nobody were allowed to enter the Garbhagraha/main alter of Sri Vithal Rakubai but only & only because of Chokhamela we are allowed to not only enter the Garbha Graha but also touch the lotus feets of Sri Vithal Rakubai. View the picture Attached


Greatest Saint born in a family considered as Sudra according to Rig vedi Brahmins.

Revana, Rami janabai, Neelan, Saina nai/Barber, Sara; Dasa, Nesa, Namdevji, RAka kimbhar, Rajjab, Munna das, Nandanar, Kabirji/Mellacha, Narahari, Sajan Kasai/Butcher, Adipatta, Kanakadas, Dadu Dayal, Kanakadas, Enadinatha, Nachabkha, Gadge Maharaj, Goroba , Thirumazhisai, Tukaramji, Tukdoji, Tirupana, etc.

Greatest Maharishis in Sudra family
Aitreya mahidasa, Balram Das, Dighatamas, Kathina, Manduk muni, Ramananda RAya, Rishyasringa, Karve, SAnkardeva, Vyas octasas, etc.

Greatest Mahasiddhas
Bahila, Dharma, Camripa, Dhombipa, Jalandhara, Kapalapa, Mahila, Minapa, Sehila, Tantipa, Vidura, etc.

Many more names can be seen who changed the history in terms of Cast-ism. These all supreme personalities were more near and dear to the Almighty more than any Rigvedi Brahmin.


If a shudra is someone like Sri Vidhurji on whose laps Sri Krishna Sleeps.
If A shudra is someone like Sant Namdev to whom God met 56 times when he was mere 3 years old.
If a Shudra is like Kabirji who at the age of 3 touches the house & the house starts chanting RAM RAM RAM.
If a Shudra is like Sabriji whose ber Sri Rama eats with so much love.
If a Shudra is someone like janabai whose bhakti was so intense and strong that whosever used to prepare food on a Stove prepared with Pure Cow dung & that cow dung also used to chant the holy name of Sri Hari Vishnu.
If a Shudra is someone like Chokhamela in whose house Bhagwan Sri Vithalnatji comes & eats 4 bananas.
I would like to be Reborn as A Sudra in all my coming lives.

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