The Fourth Tantra -Unwavering Intelligence Even During Emergencies - Loss of Gains


May 1, 2019
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The Monkey And The Crocodile
A person who has patience and an unwavering mind even during an emergency, can easily overcome any crisis as was the case with the monkey.

There was a big rose-berry tree at the seashore. It used to be ladden with roseberry fruits throughout the year. On that tree, lived a monkey named Raktamukh. The big, delicious fruits were enough to sustain the monkey. One day, a crocodile surfaced from the sea and sat under the tree. The monkey treated the crocodile well and gave him some roseberry fruits to eat. The crocodile had never tasted such sweet fruits in his life. After chatting with the monkey for some time, the crocodile returned back into the sea.

Since that day the crocodile began to come ashore daily and the monkey also gave him sweet roseberry fruits to eat. Very soon the crocodile and the monkey became good friends. One day, the monkey gave some roseberry fruits for the crocodile's wife also. His wife also relished the sweet taste of those fruits. Thus every day when crocodile returned home, he took some fruits for his wife also.

One day the crocodile's wife said -

"Dear! How sweet would be the heart of that monkey, who eats these sweet fruits daily. I want to eat his heart."

The crocodile tried hard to convince her that it was impossible for him to bring the heart of the monkey as he was his fast friend, ..."so I cannot kill him." His wife jealously said -

"I know very well whom do you go to meet. It is not the monkey but some other female crocodile who is prettier than me, with whom you pass the whole day flirting."

The crocodile's wife thus started making all kinds of allegations against him and threatened to give up her life. The whole raucus caused great worries for the crocodile. That day, he reached ashore very late. The monkey was awaiting for his friend eagerly.

When the crocodile approached, the monkey asked him why he had been late.

The crocodile replied, " My wife wants to meet you, my friend. She says that I am very selfish that you daily give me sweet roseberry fruits but I have not treated you even once. She has invited you for a dinner. She has already made all the preparations."

The monkey happily accepted the invitation but said -

"How will I reach your residence, which is deep under the sea."

The crocodile replied that reaching to his residence was not a problem at all because it was on a small island and not under the sea.

The monkey happily jumped down the tree and rode on the back of the crocodile. The crocodile proceeded towards his home carrying the monkey on his back.

After swimming for a while the crocodile revealed his real intention. He said -

"I am taking you to my home so that my wife can eat your sweet and delicious heart."

The monkey understood the whole story. He said -

"Friend! Why did not you tell me earlier? I would have brought my heart which is kept on the tree."

The crocodile looked in amazement but did not understand anything. The monkey requested him to return back to the tree so that he could bring his heart.

Still the crocodile did not understand anything and swam back towards the shore. As soon as he reached the shore the monkey swiftly climbed up the tree.

When the crocodile saw that the monkey was still on the tree, he requested him to come down soon with his heart, as it was getting late.

The monkey replied -

"Just go away and never come back. You have breached my trust. You are a treacher. You fool! Have you heard anybody having two hearts."

The crocodile became dumb struck. He was cursing himself for his foolishness. He tried to convince the monkey that he was just joking and his wife never wanted to eat his heart, but the monkey admonished him saying -

"Just go away! A starving man can go to any extent. A poor man is devoid of compassion. Gentleman! Go and tell Priyadarshan that Gangadutt does nor visit this well again."

The Crocodile did not understand anything. He asked the monkey about the story -

The monkey narrated the following story -

Snake and the Foolish Frog

There used to live a frog named Gangadutt in a well. For some reasons, he had developed hostility with his relatives who were also living in the same well. After being tormented by them, he somehow managed to come out of the well with the help of the wheels which were once used to lift water from the well. He wanted to take revenge with the frogs when suddenly he saw a black cobra entering his hole. He decided to take the cobra's help for his purpose.

He stood at the mouth of the hole and called out the snake and explained about his ordeals in detail. The snake agreed to go with him. Both of them managed to enter the well with the help of the same wheels which the frog had used to come out of the well.

The frog showed a hole in the wall of the well to the snake for concealment. The snake began to live in the hole and devoured all the frogs one by one. Gangadutt was pleased to see that his avenge was working well. When the snake had eaten up all of his enemies he requested Gangadutt to provide him with some more frogs. He threatened him that he would start killing his family members if he did not provide frogs to him.

Gangadutt realized that he had committed a blunder by taking the snake's help. The very next day the snake devoured Gangadutt's son. Gangadutt wailed in grief. He warned his wife that both of them would meet the same fate unless they got out of the well. His fear came true as the very next day it was the turn of his wife. Now Gangadutt alone survived.

One day the hungry snake asked Gangadutt to provide more frogs. Gangadutt replied -

"If you allow me to go out of this well I can bring many frogs for you."

The snake allowed him to go out of the well on the promise that Gangadutt would return soon. Gangadutt came out of the well with the help of the same wheels.

When Gangadutt did not return for many days the snake got worried. He asked a chamelion living in the same well to find out the whereabouts of Gangadutt. He said -

"You are a close friend of Gangadutt. Just tell him that I would not devour him if he comes back."

The chamelion met Gangadutt and told him that his friend was waiting for him. Gangadutt said to the chamelion -

"Go and tell him that I will not come."

After completing his story, the monkey told the crocodile that he too will not go to his home, just like Gangadutt.

The crocodile then told the monkey that if he did not come to his home, he would give up his life.

The monkey replied -

"O wicked crocodile! Do you think that I am a fool just like that donkey Lambakarna?"

The crocodile curiously asked about the Lambakarna's story.

The monkey narrated the following story -