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May 1, 2019
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We know now a days the new Buildings are constructed keeping Vastu shastra in mind & even the Property buyers would inquire if the construction is done according to Vastu but still we can find families suffering from Family problems, financial problems, Health issues etc.

What could be the reason?

Vastu works if it is followed the Vedic way only & not the way we want, the reason for suffering in such house constructed according to Vastu is because such house got a bar/Intoxication, Gambling, living on innocent lives on the name of food/Flesh eaters & all such Ignorance which invites bad omens. When a person is filled with Tamsik/Ignorance Quality such Vastu is just a waste of money & invites bad powers much faster.

House should be filled with Transcendental Vibration, Harinam Sankirtan, Bhagwad, Ramayan Katha's Vibration would keep the house untouched from evil powers. A house completely filled with Bad Omens, spirit or any curse, such houses/places can be purified just by harinam or by reading Ramcharitra manas, Prayers by Sri Tulsidasji - “bhoot piscah nikat nahi ave mahavir jab naam sunave”, Bhagwat Stuti , Stotrams, Kavach, Kripa Kataksh stotrams etc. Such Transcendental Vedic vibes would keep the house untouched from Evil powers present due to some reason & would also purify the evil present in the mind of every family members.

||All Glories to Guru & Gauranga||
||HaRe KRiShnA||

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