Why Hindus Don’t Eat Holy Cow (Beef)- important to Hindus, Freedom In Hinduism


Apr 28, 2019
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Why Hindu consider cow to be precious?
According to Hindus, the cow should not be killed as the cow is the reflection of life.

But, most of the non-Hindus assume that Hindu strongly admire and worship this animal. But it is false. Precisely saying according to the religion of the Hindus cow is treated to be taboo, instead of sacred. Thus it reflects the instance of people regarding misleading of Hindu faith.

Moreover, there is no charm in the life of cows especially in India. Generally many persons living in this world usually look at the pictures of India with the help of internet and multimedia. Sometimes they even walk around to look at the cows in many of the public places. Through such instances, they considered that the cow is god for us. But it is totally an untrue idea and you will definitely find the clarification of this idea.

Sacred cow’s origin
In earlier days, the meats of bulls as well as oxen were offered to the god and then eaten. But the killing of the cows which produce milk for us was stopped. The cow was treated as god and then termed as Devi by those who were against Rigveda.

Vegetarianism was encouraged by the holy writing of the Vedic scriptures. In spite of the fact, the cruel act of eating meat was allowed. It is also mention in one of the scriptures that one can earn reward by not eating meat, although it is not a sin to eat meat.

Further, the era of Buddhism and Jainism stopped Hindus to eat beef. The reason behind this was said to spiritual and practical. It was believed that one cannot afford to kill this animal for their guest or any other religious activities moreover cow was their source of many essential products such as milk, obtaining fuel by the dried dung and browned butter to be consumed by lamp.

By the influence of Jainism especially who were strictly vegetarian, the Hindus attained such traditions according to some scholars. Although cow remain to be highly preserved as well as regarded by the Indians.

According to ancient times, the most appropriate present for the Brahmans was supposed to be a cow as it was said that killing a cow is most likely to kill a Brahman. In the tales of Lord Krishna after 10th century the reinforcement of holiness of cow begins.

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