Who is Greater Ram or Krishna ?


Who is Greater Ram or Krishna Story ?

Once upon a time there was a great saint named Tulsidas.who lived in city of Banaras in ancient India. He was an ardent devotee of bhagwan (god Rama) Ram .He had translated the epic, Ramayana into hindi. Lord rama had blessed Saint Tulsidas by appearing in front of him due to his great love and devotion.

During his spiritual practice days he used to think lord Rama superior to all other gods and as a result of this he would not even look at any other deity apart from lord Rama. One day when saint Tulsidas went to meet a devotee of lord Krishna named nanda das. He was told by a villager that nanda das was not at home he had gone for his evening prayer to lord Krishna temple .the Tulsidas without even looking at deity thought why was he worshipping lord Krishna instead of lord Rama who is greatest of all. He started thinking that since lord rama came first to the planet than lord krishna how can nanda das even worship lord krishna instead he should follow lord rama whose leadership style was that of ethical man instead of tacful like lord krishna. he thought that nanda das should know who is greater lord ram or lord krishna

Nanda das knew about the attitude of saint Tulsidas towards other gods and deities and was saddened to see similar attitude towards lord Krishna as well. Thinking of his egoistic approach he prayed to lord Krishna to guide him to right path of bliss and love.
Just after few minutes’ deity of lord Krishna turned into deity of lord Rama,watching this tulsidas realized his ignorance .he soon realised that all forms of god are one and same no one is superior to anyone and this realization of his mistake turned in to tears .he then hugged deity of lord and asked to forgive him. Nanda das was very happy as he could see that Tulsidas has finally accepted the truth after realization.

Moral: God is one, there may be millions of forms in which we see him, but he is just one without the second.