Chowmein corrupts mind & can turn a person to Rapist


Chowmein corrupts mind & can turn a person to Rapist – This is show by Sony Television Crime Patrol on Damini Rape case Delhi.

Readymade & fast food is the reason behind our corrupt mind, consumed food forms blood which goes to different parts of our body, the same blood develops our brain & mind also

December 2012 Damini Rape case in Delhi awakened all of us, Crime patrol has showed this case with minute details.
I guess the Episode is banned from youtube but sonylive has published this episode on their website. There are few notes been very well investigated & put in this Episode to add awareness on our eating habits specially when the episode reaches time frame of 21.19 up till 21.34. It clearly says .

” RAPE IS THE RESULT OF FAST FOOD, ESPECIALLY CHOWMEIN” further it also says Women should not Venture out with men who are not Relative. Such incidents happen due to influence of “WESTERN CULTURE”. I am glad such issues are been published in public & it is very true

Why Chowmeain is the reason for rape is mentioned in this Article also –

Even we tried to find out what is that which makes a person rapist after consuming such food.

* In early days when mother cooked food for us, she cooked with good intentions & thoughts in her mind, she always kept the thought of her husbands good health, her child’s future & health etc, her positive feelings entered the food & such food was consumed by all family members which created love and bondage among all members. Such houses never use to break & they lived a happy life however presently we hire servants to cook food or get food from outside which is the reason for our small families in which parents & child both stays alone. We really do not know with what intentions these chefs are cooking this food which is going to develop our mind.

* All Chinese food contains PORK & very spicy ingredients. Chinese food needs MSG or monosodium glutamate which was invented in Japan. Ajinomoto or MSG contains a pork-based enzyme & so it is not even suitable for Vegetarians. How does Pork corrupts our mind?

— In America there was a study in which they found out about how after Pork Party, after consuming pork the husbands would exchanges their wives for one night with the other friends or other mens wives without the wife objecting.

–Ajinomoto was introduced in 1909 in Japan. When Japan had a war with Chinese very famous known as the Nanking massacre, Rape of Nanking’s there were around 4 lakh casualties & most of the women’s & girl child were been raped & killed. These were the same Japanese who had to survive on MSG/Ajinomoto made fast food at the time of Emergency.

* Not only Chowmeain but even Instant Maggie Noodles or any such foreign product, any readymade noodles which taste delicious is only due to Pork & beef flavour, without pork there cant be temptation & same for Cadbury (E – 471) LAYS products because you cant eat just one. Lays are soaked in RENNET which are obtained from Calf’s. Calf’s & Pigs are brutally killed for the sake of taste & like the mothers feelings enters our mind which creates bondage as mentioned in point one, the cruelty on these innocent living enters our mind & Make us cruel which makes us a Murderer, rapist or any such cruel personality.

Click below link for part1 on Delhi Rape case –

Our Saints use to survive on dried & naturally fallen leaves, water & air & gained powers & moksha. There were/are saints who eats Satvik food once a day or once a week & lives a spiritual life even today. We should all be very cautious with our eating habits because out of our 5 senses the sense of Taste is the most powerful, until we do not eat our other senses wont work properly, if we keep control over the sense of taste we can control all our other senses very easily & so in Sanatan Dharma we got many days where we observe fast. One reason behind fasting is to control on our eating habits & kill the urge of taste, there are also few Puranic reasons. Even The vegetarian food that we consume should be offered in front of our house deities or Photograph with tulsi leaves, Food should always be offered first in Front of Sriman Narayan/Sri Sita Ram/Radhe Shyam & later can be offered to other divine deities like Bhagwan Shiv, Ganesh etc because they would never accept direct food as mentioned in our scriptures. All 33 crore demigods would offer only those food which is been offered to Sriman Narayan, only then we should consume this offered food. Offered food turns to prashadam & there is no difference between prashadam & God. With such Prashadam our mind develops love towards God & all his creation, mind turns spiritual.

||HaRe KriShnA||

Article by – Dhaval Parmar