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    Turmeric in Ayurveda

    Turmeric is known as the most powerful herb for the healers, it has been used since thousands of years in India.Turmeric originally called Indian saffron due to its deep orangish-yellow hue, has a warm and peppery flavor and has been used throughout the ages as a healing remedy.Turmeric is added...
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    The 3 Pillars of Life

    The proper management of our diet, sleeping patterns and sexual practice are crucial to our well being. Food and digestion - the end result of proper digestion on all levels is Ojas, a subtle energy that protects the body and mind from disease; Sleep - proper rest is essential. Too little...
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    Ayurveda Explained Simply For Beginners

    The Tridoshic Theory Dosha Literally means faulty or to cause harm Functions of the Doshas Kapha The force behind all physical creation build new tissues. Its main function is the structure of the cell, cell membranes and organelles Pitta The force that maintains the creation its main...
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    Ayurveda Explained Simply For Beginners

    Ayurveda is more than 5,000 years old, hence world's oldest system of natural medicine. It is the "Science of Life" or longevity, is the holistic alternative science from Ancient India. Ayurveda helps individuals to understand their unique body constitution and techniques of how to...
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    How many types of dosa are there ?

    Three Doshas, literally meaning 'fault'. They are : Vata. Pitta. Kapha. These are a combination of five elements of nature Earth, Water, Fire, Esther and Air. The three doshas are energies, which regulate the life of all living being. The doshas determine and affect the biological...
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    Best Ways To Losing Weight

    how to lose weight in my body? To lose weight always try to drink one or two glasses of water before each meal, it makes you feel fuller, so you do not eat much, and try to do regular exercise, try to eat less, if you want to burn some fat, but significantly reducing help you lose a few pounds...
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    Why Yogis Do Not Eat Garlic - A Story Attached To It From Ramana Maharshi.

    Never Try drinking juice of Garlic .. it would mean way to hospital....:) This proves that it may have medicinal benefits but simultaneously it is harmful as well.
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    Is garlic good for health?

    Garlic is one of the gifts from god thou Garlic shouldn't be consumed by brahmins. There is much to say about garlic and proverbs reflecting its importance and quality such as garlic is as good as 10 mothers and garlic a day keeps disease at bay. In addition, it is considered a miracle by...
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    Why Yogis Do Not Eat Garlic - A Story Attached To It From Ramana Maharshi.

    Long long time ago When Lord Indra, god of heaven. He was very arrogant however all the gods used to listen to him. All prayers were done with offering to Godess laxmi and then to Lord Indra. All the universe was happy during this period. During this time, a saint in forest made a beautiful...
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    Is garlic good for health?

    Yes garlic is good for health, Garlic is an excellent plant for the creation and maintenance of general health, but also many lesser-known qualities but powerful. For example, many people do not know which is a powerful natural antibiotic. This natural antibiotic effective against toxic...
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    Hindu Rishis, Saints and Sages

    Every generation of Hindu society from its Vedic beginnings has produced great men and women - who not only are preachers of religion - but knowers and experiencers of the truth. Their presence has sustained our faith in our religion from generation to generation. Tiruvalluvar (c. 1st century...
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    Jani Shikar

    A Twelve Yearly Oraon Tribal Festival Celebrating an Unremembered Victory Over the Mughals! Every stone here has a story of martyrdom to tell! Every inch of thy soil, O Mother! has been a sacrificial ground! A well known man said these words regarding India (in the years before partition). With...
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    Bhagat Ravidas Ji (Born 1399)

    Shri Ravidas is one of the most influential and inspiring sages of medieval India. His teachings are sublime and eternal, as is the story of his life. There is general consensus that Sant Ravidas was born on February 1399 in Kashi (Benares). He was borm in the leather worker (Chamaar) caste and...
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    Contributions of the Scheduled Castes and Tribals

    The Satnami Revolt (1672) The Bhils: Saga of the most famous Hindu tribal folk Ravidas (b. 1399) Narayana Guru (1856-1920) Jani Shikar - An Oraon Tribal Festival of Victory Against the Moghuls Birsa Munda (1875-1901) Satyakama Jabala and the Institution of Caste in the Early Upanishadic Era...
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    Contributions of the Scheduled Castes and Tribals

    (note: Harijan, meaning child of Vishnu, was Gandhi’s word to designate Hindus who belonged to castes that were formerly considered untouchable. I use this word here for the sake of convenience) This is the most controversial subject and section of this website. Most Hindus try not to talk...