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    Hindus are their own enemy By Tarun Vijay

    Hindus are their own enemy Whether it is a Savarkar, Bhojshala or Ram temple issue, Hindus seem to be at loggerheads with Hindus so severely that it shames even a communal hate campaign between Muslims and Hindus. Hindus are their own enemy Tarun Vijay Whether it is a Savarkar, Bhojshala or...
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    Aditya hirudyam

    Sr.No Mantra Meaning 17. Jayaaya Jayabhadraaya Haryashvaaya Namo Namaha Namo Namaha Sahasraamsho Aadityaaya Namo Namaha Salutations unto Him that ordains victory in the quest after liberation and unto Him possessed of yellow steeds; salutations to the thousand-rayed Lord (fig., of whose...
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    Aditya hirudyam

    Aditya Hridayam Sage Agastya advised Sri Ramachandra, when discouraged on the battlefield, to recite this Hymn in praise of Aditya, the Sun-god, to dispel the magical powers of Ravana, a demon drunk with power (symbolic of our rajasic ego), to gain victory over darkness and to regain the joy of...
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    How can strict vegans obtain sufficient amounts of calcium and iron?

    Vegan foods with the most calcium and iron :- The best plant sources of calcium are leafy greens like kale, collards, mustard and turnip greens (but not spinach, Swiss chard, and beet greens because the calcium in those foods isn't available). Broccoli and the Asian vegetable bok choy are also...
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    What can I substitute for egg or egg white in baking?

    If a recipe calls for just one egg, you can often just skip it and add a tablespoon of water instead. If it calls for more than one egg, you'll need to add something to a recipe to help replace some of the functional properties of eggs. One great egg substitute is soy flour. For every egg called...
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    What's the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

    Vegetarian is an all-encompassing term for people who don't eat animal flesh. Vegetarian diets do not include meat, poultry or fish. Within this broad category, there are several types of diets. Lacto-ovo vegetarian diets are those which include dairy foods and eggs. Vegans eat diets that are...
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    Uniform Civil Code a Must for Democracy in India

    For a Democracy Uniform Civil code is a must, otherwise it can not be a complete Democracy. Lack of this has resulted in some very Barbaric and Undemocratic rules like the Muslims being allowed to marry 4 wives. In the western Democracies like USA and UK, they have a uniform code, which is of...
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    Benefits of Drinking Charanamrit

    "One who drinks charanamrit (water emanated from washing the body of the Lord) he becomes free from all kinds of diseases, and all kinds of obstacles and the fear of ferocious cobras and ferocious beasts. He does not have the eyes of bad planets upon him. He becomes free from the fear of theft...
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    What is Garuda Puranam ?

    In Short Garuda Puranam is the book which talks about life after death in which there are different kinds of punishments with their names for various sins. Garuda Purana. This is in the form of instructions to Garuda by Vishnu. This deals with astronomy, medicine, grammar, and with the...
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    Water Therapy : Procedure and Benefits of Drinking Water

    WATER Amazing - Water Therapy Drink six [6] glasses of water (1.5 litre) everyday and avoid medicine, tablets, injections, diagnosis, doctor fees etc. You can never believe before practicing. Here is the list of diseases that can be cured by this water therapy: 1. Head Ache 2. Blood Pressure...
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    Substitute of Onion, Garlic And Eggs For Cooking

    Got some answers while surfing Q: Please let me know as to the proper substitutes for onions, garlic and eggs which we can take as practicing devotees. A: (Vijaya-venugopala Das) Instead of onion and garlic, for taste and appearance, cut cabbage in small pieces like onions. Fry in a shallow...
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    Who Are The Happiest People In The World ?

    yaz ca mUDhatamo loke yaz ca buddheH paraM gataH tAv ubhau sukham edhete klizyanty antarito janaH (Srimad Bhagavatam 2.7.13) Only the most foolish in the world and those who have transcended intelligence experience happiness. Those in between suffer.
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    What is the difference stated between Sannyasa & Tyaga?

    Bhagavad Gita 18:2 sri-bhagavan uvaca kamyanam karmanam nyasam sannyasam kavayo viduh sarva-karma-phala-tyagam prahus tyagam vicaksanah The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: The giving up of activities that are based on material desire is what great learned men call the renounced order of...
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    Criticism and Praise of others in Hinduism?

    Bhagavata 11.28.1: para-svabhava-karmani na prasamsen na garhayet | visvam ekatmakam pasyan prakrtya purusena ca || 1 || "One should neither praise nor criticize the conditional nature of others, seeing the whole universe as one spiritual being, characterized by the interplay of Purusa and Prakrti.
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    By remembering Krishna, one who is impure becomes pure

    Lord Krsna states in the Gopala-tapani Upanisad (Uttara 4), aputah puto bhavati yam mam smrtva avrati vrati bhavati yam mam smrtva niskamahsa-kamo bhavati yam mam smrtva asrotri srotri bhavati yam mam smrtva “By remembering Me, one who is impure becomes pure. By remembering Me, one who follows...