Aryans migrated from India into Europe

Apr 30, 2019
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More and more fresh research is coming to light which concludes that the so-called Aryans thousands of years ago migrated from India to Europe, and not the other way round as has been claimed by White Christians. Here is a notable book that states this argument quite convincingly. But what to do about these Western professors who keep parroting that Aryans came from Europe to India without offering a shred of proof and simply refusing to even consider the other possibility that the migration of people may have been from India to Europe?

These White professors believe that by peddling their theory of the Aryan invasion of India again and again and quoting each other all the time in their text books, people will be brainwashed enough not to ask them the basis on which they arrived at this conclusion. Sorry. We are only interested in the proof. The favourite trick of these professors of quoting each other or their equally rabid predecessors to buttress their case of an Aryan invasion into India won’t help them. The emperor is running naked with his nuts bouncing around and we know that this cock-and-bull theory is nothing but a subjective interpretation of facts which can be easily swung either way.

From now on, whenever Indians hear anyone speak about the mythical Aryan invasion, they should put across the counter-claim that it is actually the Indians who went to Europe when the Saraswati river dried up and founded the European civilization about 5000 years ago. If the supporters of Aryan invasion theory recognise no obligation to provide us any proof or evidence about their “theory,” we are under no obligation to provide them any about our contention of Aryan migration to Europe from India. It is time we stopped taking bull-crap from these professors of the US and UK universities. The Aryans went from Indus Valley to Europe. Period. I challenge them to prove otherwise.

Shrikant G. Talageri’s book analyses the Rigveda hymns and unearths the geographical evidence (names of animals, places and rivers) it contains to show how their composers are gradually moving from the east (the area around western UP) to the West (eastern and southern Afghanistan). It can be concluded based on this clear and unambiguous evidence that can easily be cross-checked by anyone that the Rigvedic people were inhabiting the interior parts of India while composing the Early and the Middle books of Rigveda and slowly becoming acquanted with the areas to the west as the composition of the Rigveda progressed.

This is a monumental work and formidable evidence that is very difficult to counter. The Early and Middle books of Rigveda mention the names of places, animals and rivers of north India while the Later books mention the names of rivers and animals of southern and eastern Afghanistan. How can this be possible if the so-called Aryans were marching from beyond Afghanistan into India?

Compared to this reasoning, the kite-flying and day-dreaming of Max Mueller belongs in the garbage bin as the man did not bother to provide any basis for his theory. Indeed, later in his life he claimed that he never meant the word “Aryan” to be a separate race of people! But he was told to shut up by the church and the British rulers who had by then begin to see immense political possibilities in the idea of Aryan invasion. Is it any wonder that a British missionary immediately invented the word “Dravidian” and pitted these so-called Dravidians against the mythical “Aryans” still allegedly inhabiting north India.

It is a shame that this kind of hocus pocus is still being believed and propagated by many dim-witted Indians. It should be thrown back into the faces of these White professors. It is not too difficult to understand why the Western professors still insist on the Aryan-Dravidian racial divide of Indian people despite not being able to offer a shred of proof in its support over the last 120 years. Just read my earlier blog post “Monkey Business of American Historians” to discover how this Aryan-Dravidian hogwash is even today being used to meet the geo-political objectives of the White man related to India. The Whites want south India badly.