Complaint to Prime minister of Pakistan


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Apr 28, 2019
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My Dear Prime Minister,

Why Sir, for how long Sir, no remorse, no sorry, every day our girls are raped, abducted and forcefully converted. Mr Prime Minister, you say nothing, you do nothing to stop this madness, you might feel proud about your self by inflicting the pain and misery on Hindu mother’s (it’s your government, you are ultimately responsible for our well being.) May be you want to settle old scores with us, but at least tell us what are they. I would like to tell you the truth Sir, we are ashamed of your silence.

We are the victims of hate, we are the victims of apathy of Government of Pakistan and Sindh, I wish some one could tell us why? and what’s our fault, we are the most law abiding citizens of Pakistan, name one Sindhi Hindu in prison violating the law of land.
No sir I am neither Hindu fanatic, nor a traitor, I know Mr Prime Minister you get hurt the way West is treating Muslims or India is treating its Muslims but what about us, the little people, don’t ignore us.
Sir, I understand power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. How long will you keep on punishing Hindu Mother’s, remember Sir, wheel of justice goes round and round, nature has never forgiven even the Kings and Sultans you and me are ordinary mortals.

Dr Veer kumar Lund From UK