Death Of Dashrath


Apr 28, 2019
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Then Dashrath narrated the whole story, how he had killed Shravan Kumar by mistake. After the death of their son, Shravan Kumar’s parents had been writhing before they died and they had cursed him that just like them, he too would die of the sorrows caused by his son’s separation.

This way Dashrath gave up his life, unable to bear the sorrows of Sri Rama’s separation. He pronounced Rama’s name for six times while dying. Soon after the death of Dashrath, a deep sorrow gripped the entire subjects of Ayodhya.


The news of Dashrath’s death spread like a wild fire. People were cursing Kaikayee. Vashishta then decided to immediately summon Bharat who was at that moment staying with his maternal grand parents. He also instructed to preserve the dead body of Dashrath till the arrival of Bharat. He also warned the charioteer against revealing the news of Dashrath’s death to Bharat and Shatrughana.

The charioteer proceeded on his journey to bring back Bharat and Shatrughana. Right from the day, shadows of misfortunes descended over Ayodhya, and Bharat was amazed by the frequency of bad dreams. He experienced various kinds of thoughts coming to his mind. He used to worship Lord Shiva for the welfare of Ayodhya and feed the Brahmins.

Right then the charioteer arrived and intimated about the commands of Vashishta. Both Bharat and Shatrughana at once proceeded with him. The chariot was moving at a tremendous speed. As they were about to enter Ayodhya, Bharat was distressed by the various inauspicious signs that began to show up when he entered Ayodhya like cawing of the crow over the head, braying of an ass and howling of the jackals.

Bharat was also surprised to see the markets in Ayodhya closed; people moving around silently and even the animals and birds showing reluctance to eat and drink.

Apprehending some serious tragedy, Bharat entered the palace. When Kaikayee came to know about his arrival she very happily welcomed him. She performed his arti and took him inside the palace. But Bharat sensed the gloomy atmosphere inside the palace. Kaikayee, eager to know about her parent’s home, inquired about the well beings of her parents. Bharat narrated everything about his maternal grand parents. He then enquired about his father Dashrath, other mothers, Sri Rama, Laxmana and Sita.

Kaikayee then cunningly revealed the news of Dashrath’s death. Bharat was filled with sorrow. He fell on the ground.

After a while, when he had controlled himself, he enquired about the reason for his father’s death.

Kaikayee then narrated the whole story. When Bharat learnt about Sri Rama’s exile, he became quiet, considering himself responsible for it.

Kaikayee tried her best to console Bharat but all in vain.

Now, both Bharat and Shatrughana went to see Kaushalya. Kaushalya, who was looking very weak and frail, wanted to get up when she saw both of them coming, but fell down. Bharat fell down on Kaushalya’s feet and said in a wailing voice- "Mother! Where is father? Where are Sri Rama, Laxmana and Sita? Why was Kaikayee born in this world? Why did she give birth to her children, Our mother has diagraced us by her acts. Who is responsible for out father’s death and our dear brother going into exile?"


Hearing such words from Bharat, Kaushalya took him in her embrace and wiping off the tears from his eyes said-

"Son, do not say like this", then she embraced Shatraghun and felt as if she were embracing Rama and Laxmana.

Kaushalya said to Bharat-

"O Son, shed the sorrows from your mind and heart considering it just as a bad time. Neither curse yourself nor anybody else because nobody can understand the motion of time."

She further said- "Rama has gone into exile following his father's orders without any sign of joy or sorrow on his face. Laxmana and Sita too have gone along with him. But I have remained alive to face all these tragedies.

Bharat said- "O mother, even if I have ever thought of an exile for Sri Rama, may I acquire all the sins unitedly that one acquires killing one’s parents, burning a cowshed and poisoning the king.

Seeing the guilty consciousness of Bharat, Kaushalya said:

"Son everybody knows about the love and affection you have towards Rama and Rama’s love towards you. The Moon can shower fire and the clouds can be devoid of water but you can never go against Rama." This way both Bharat and Kaushalya passed the whole night consoling each other. As the new dawn arrived, Vashishta, Vamdeo and other sages arrived in the royal court and consoled Bharat to overcome his sorrows and discharge his duties.

Last rites were then completed for the dead body of Dashrath with due respect.

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