Desire and Birth Of Sons


Apr 28, 2019
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Oblation With The Desire Of Having Sons : - Sage Shringi was invited to guide the Yagya. He commenced the Yagya and offerings were made in the sacrificial fire. Being pleased by the Yagya, Agni appeared with a bowl of Kheer in his hand. He gave the kheer to Dashrath and instructed him to distribute it among his queens.

Dashratha gave half to Kaushalya and the other half to Kaikayee. Both Kaushalya and Kaikayee gave half of their share to Sumitra.

Some people have other version of the tale that, as Kaikayee was trying to give Kheer to Sumitra, suddenly an eagle appeared and snatched the Kheer bowl. As the eagle passed over Anjani's hermitage, the bowl slipped from his talons and the Kheer fell into the open mouth of Anjani as she was yawning, and thus Pavanputra Hanumana was born.

Birth Of Princess

Birth Of Sri Rama, Bharat, Laxmana And Shatrughana :
Sri Rama was born to Kaushalya, Bharat to Kaikayee, Laxmana and Shatraghana to Sumitra. Kaikayee was a very brave woman. She is the most misunderstood character of the Ramacharitmanas but according to 'Adbhut Uttar Ramayana' Kaikayee is the most prominent character of the Ramacharit. Because she suffered the ridiculation and criticism of her own son and the whole society for the welfare of the mankind. It was she who played the prominent role in the killing of Ravana and other demons because had Sri Rama not accepted the exile, Sita would not have been abducted and ultimately Ravana would not have been killed.

Once during the battle fought between the deities and the demons, Dasharatha was helping the deities. During the battle the nail fixed in the axis of his chariot's wheel had fallen down and Kaikayee realizing the gravity of the situation put her left hand's small finger in that space so that the wheel of the chariot did not come out. Unmindful of the condition of his chariot Dasharatha was busy battling the demons.

After defeating the demons, Dasharatha got down from his chariot, she also got down and pulled out her finger. When Dashratha saw this he realized that the real victory in the battle was of Kaikayee and not his.

Pleased by her brave act, he promised to grant her two boons of her choice.

When Sri Rama, Laxmana, Bharat and Shatrughana were born the news immediately spread like a wild fire in whole of Ayodhaya and Dashratha joys knew no bounds.

Describing about the state of Dashratha Tulsidas has written in Manas-

Meaning: "When Dashratha listened about the birth of his sons then it was like an eternal bliss (Brahmanada) for him."

Dashratha invited and ordered his royal musicians to play their instruments to celebrate the birth of his children.

Then he sent a message to his preceptor, Sage Vashishtha by whose blessings he had attained fatherhood to perform the Jata-Karma (rites performed after birth of a child). He also gave away clothes, materials, cows etc. in charity. Brahmins blessed Sri Rama, Laxmana, Bharat and Shatrughana by chanting Vedic mantras.

After the sages and Brahmins went back it was the turn of the common people to celebrate the birth of Sri Rama. They were so immersed in the celebrations that they even forgot about their own homes and families.

Even the Sun god was so immersed in watching the celebrations that his chariot stopped over Ayodhya in mid-noon for one complete month. Tulsidas says:


Meaning: "
When the day became a month, the Sun God got tired he started to wonder as to when the night would come and he would get a chance to take rest."

Vashishtha arrived at the auspicious moment and performed the naming ceremony to the children.

The eldest among them was named Rama because he was the giver of bliss to the whole world.

The dark complexioned and the most beautiful child who was in the lap of Kaikayee was named Bharat as he would bear the burden of the whole earth on his shoulder.

The two sons in the lap of Sumitra, whose remembrance would annihilate all the enemies were named Shatrughana and Laxmana respectively.

Sri Rama showed glimpses of his divinity to his parents and the common people of Ayodhya. Once Kaushalya prepared offerings for her deity and meditating on the deity she offered it to him. She went to the kitchen for some work and on her return she was amazed to find Sri Rama eating the offerings.

When she went to the bedroom she found him sleeping. When Sri Rama saw Kaushalya's restlessness, he showed his complete illusionary powers with a smile. Kaushalya saw the whole universe in his mouth including the Sun the Moon and the stars etc.

After some times their tonsure ceremonies and sacred thread ceremonies were performed.

Sri Rama, Laxmana, Bharat and Shatrughana grew up in due course of time. All of them were very obedient and loved each other very much.
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