May 1, 2019
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Sri Prahalad Maharaji turned a pillar/stone to Bhagwan Narshimadeva.

A yogi sees God as shapless Light/Brahmjyoti swaroop. (Sri Ramjis toe nail got Kanti/glow of millions of chandrama where the yogics meditate)

A knower of Scriptures/Scholars sees God within that light in a Chaturbhuj Avatar.

A Bhakta sees God as his friend, bother, mother, lover, child & his mercy, he comes in front of his bhakta the same way how his devotee desires.

Yogi & knower does a lot of Tapa/Medetation, austerity to see God & gets mixed with GOD forever but God personally wants to come to a Devotees/bhaktas house & he wants to get mixed with the Bhakta like he did with many devotees.

All these personalities/Devotees are between 1000 to just 400 years old in present Kaliyuga.

*Namdeva God met him 56 times - Sri Pandrinathji
*Trilochanji - God worked as a servant for 13 months - Sri Vithoba
*Tukaramji -God did many leelas of helping his wife, helping Shivaji Maharaj on Sri Tukaramjis request. - Sri Vithoba
*Narshimehta - God met him 52 times
*Kumbandas - God was sowing seed with him in Farm (Srinathji)
*Bilovmangal Thakur - God made a kutir & use to get food for him - Shyamsunder
*Sanatan Goswami - Sri Madanmohan use to eat from his hands (Temple in Vrindavan/Deity at Karauli/Rajasthan )
*Haridas goswami - Biharji use to cry when Haridasji use to eat simple food (Bake Biharji temple/Vrindavan)
*Tulsidasji - Met Gopishwer Mahadev, Sri Ramji, Laxmanji, Sitamaa & Sri Hanumanji.
*Eknathji - Met Sri Ramji, Hanumanji, Sitamaa, Laxmanji.
*Pipaji maharaj - King of Gagoranghad stayed in Divya dwarika under water for 7 days & God gave him Shank/chakra Chaap & Sri Ram Bhagwan helped him many times (Fort/Monument is still present at Rajashthan/ Gagorangad)
*Anantacharya swami - Constructed Ramanuj sorovar for Balaji, Balaji got shouting from swamiji & cute Balaji in his Chaturbhuj small kids form hides in a room

We can share hundreds of name of devotees with whom God met personally, even in present days we got few names of such devotees & there are historical proofs & most of their personal Deities are still been worshipped.

Post Details from lectures by HH RaAdha Govind Maharj, HH Rajendraji maharaj & other acharyas
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