Ganesh Yantra


Apr 28, 2019
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Ganpati Tantra Sadhna :- It is also called as the ‘gambijam’. ‘Gambijam’ is a single alphabet in itself, but it is considered to be the mool mantram (basic mantra) of Lord Ganesha. ‘Gambijam’ is used in every yagnam (prayer) of Lord Ganesha. Traditionaly, before beginning with any yagna of Lord Ganesha the person doing the pooja (prayer) has to place this gambijam on their body. Ganesha is often worshipped with the icon of swastika (the icon represents good fortune). Swastika in the ancient times was formed by connecting four ‘gambijams’ together. It is believed that, till the middle ages, there was a separate cult of tantriks (people who worship tantrism) who worshipped Lord Ganesha is in the form of a ‘lingam’ (phallus) of red color. It is clearly evident from the ancient scriptures that Ganesha was worshipped extensively. Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. So in order to make their life easy and hassle-free people worshipped Tantric Form of Ganesha too.

There was a ‘Ganesh Yantram’ too which was used to worship Lord Ganesha and was used in the Tantric prayers of Lord Ganesha. His yantram consisted of a square shaped figure that consisted of an eight petaled lotus inside it. Just above the eight petaled lotus there is a triangle that is facing upward. The popular Ganesh mantra that is chanted at the time of Tantric prayers is “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah”. The Tantric Gayatri mantram is “Ekdantay Vidmahe Vakratunday Dheemahi, Tanno Dante Prachodayat”. Then the devotee is expected to do meditation with a “Dhyana image” (meditation image) of Ganesha’s which depicts him as a one tusked, four handed Lord carrying noose and goad, and one hand holding a bowl of modaks and other bestowing boons. His carriage is mooshak (mouse) He has a round pot like belly and large winnowing ears.

His other form is of Haeramba Ganpati whose mool mantram is “Om Gum Namah”. In this form, he is seen as bright as a thousand of suns and sits on the lion. This form of Ganesha has five heads, and each is of a different color with eight heads.

One more form is Trailokyamohanakara Ganpati, which means In this form Ganesha is the delusion of three worlds. The yantram for this form of Ganesha is similar to the Ganesh Yantram, but it does not include the triangle and includes the mantram “Vakratundayayi Klim Klim Klim Gam Ganpataye Var Varda Sarvjanam Me Vashmanyam Swaha”.

Then comes the Siddhivinayaka whose mantram is “Om Namo Siddhivinayakay Sarvkaryakartrai Sarvvighnaprashmanya Shrim Om Swaha”. This mantram and this form are mainly used in the Tantric spells and magical rites.

Shaktivinayaka is one more form of Lord Ganesha. The mantram for this form is “Om Hrim Grim Hrim”. Maharishi Bhargava wrote this mantram. The yantram is same just the root mantram of Shaktivinayaka is written on it.

Lakshmi Vinayak is another form of Lord Ganesha which has the yantram as same as the Ganesha Yantram but the root mantram is inscribed in the center of the yantram. The mantram is “Om Shrim Gam Saumyay Ganpataye Varavarada Sarvajanam Me Vashmanya Swaha”. This form is worshipped to bring good luck, fortune, luck, wealth and prosperity.

Haridra Ganesha is another form that is worshipped in the Tantric Sadhna Vidhi. Haridra is a Sanskrit word meaning yellow turmeric powder. The root mantram for this form is “Om Hum Gum Glaum” and the yantram is substantially similar to the Lakshmi Vinayak yantram. In this form, Ganesha is covered with the yellow colored dress. This mantram is recited to get desired results and success.

Ganesha Yantra

There is a very special place for Lord Ganesha in Hindu mythology. He is worshipped as the lord of prosperity, wisdom and eternal knowledge. He is also believed to be the remover of obstacles from the path of life. According to the Puranas, Lord Ganesha’s name must be taken at the beginning of every prayer and auspicious occasion. If he is not worshipped at the beginning of any prayer or good venture, it is said that Lord Ganesha will place obstacles in the path. So he is also named Vighaneshwara (the remover of obstacles).

The Ganesha Yantra is a sacred device usually made of copper that is said to infuse the strength, power and thinking of Ganesha in ones-self to achieve all goals and desires. These Yantras are energy devices or conductors of cosmic energy and are powerful tools that help to strike a perfect balance in life. According to the Puranas, these Yantras will help attain great levels of prosperity, inner peace, luck, success, fulfilment and good health.

Ideally the Yantra should be placed in the pooja (prayer) room in homes or in cash box in shops and business ventures to gain maximum benefits.

Mantra for Ganesha Yantra:

Om Gan Ganpathaye Namah!

Speciality of Ganesh Yantra: The main purpose of a Ganesh Yantra is for siddhi (prosperity), wisdom, success in all ventures and eternal intelligence. Lord Ganesha is known to remove all obstacles from the path of life and this Yantra is said to heighten the positive effects that Ganpati (another name for Ganesha) has bestowed. It is the best way to seek Ganesha’s blessings in all ventures and remove all evil from the path that leads us to greatest heights of success and prosperity.

Who does it help:
  • People who want to achieve their goals and desires smoothly
  • People who desire prosperity in business ventures
  • Students who want to do well in their exams
  • Couples who want a trouble free married life

How to use it:
The main thing to be kept in mind when you are using the Yantra is to have a clear soul. To do this one must let go of all evil and negative thoughts within. It is only then will one see the positive effects of the Yantra.
  • Find a clean place in your house where you think you would be the least disturbed.
  • Place the Yantra in the North – East corner facing West on a clean altar near a Ganesha idol.
  • Do not let anyone else touch the Yantra.
  • You can light a candle, a diya or an incense stick in front of the Yantra. You can also offer fresh flowers and fruits as an offering.
  • Take water with the help of any leaf and sprinkle it on the Yantra and yourself.
  • Place dots of sandalwood paste on the four corners as well as the centre of the Yantra.
  • Chant the mantra given above: Om Gan Ganpathaye Namah!
  • Close your eyes and concentrate all your energy on Lord Ganesha to seek his blessings for success and prosperity.
After successfully establishing the Yantra, one should pray every day in the morning and evening to seek aashirwaad (blessings) of Lord Ganesha. While praying think about the positivity and goodness revolving around you so that it becomes a routine for you. Keeping ill feelings, hatred and jealously away is the best way to gain maximum benefits out of the Yantra.
Om Gan Ganpathaye Namah!