Greatness of Aryan culture

buzzo 1982

Apr 30, 2019
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Indian civilization is one of the earliest ones, standing today atop the earth. And since the beginning of history, there had been evidences of intense development in India, and the civilization of India alike. One such great civilization in India was the Aryan civilization.

This great civilization produced a great culture, rich in science and literature. Here is a small list of what I could find about the Aryan civilization:

1. The four Vedas were composed by the Aryan sages of ancient India. Rig Veda is the earliest book known to man.

2. The value of pi was calculated correctly and in detail by Aryabhata, one of the greatest Indian mathematicians and scientists.

3. Charaka, Sushruta and Jeebak were great surgeons and medical experts of the Aryan age of India.

4. Chess was invented in India. The ancestor of chess, "Chaturanga", was developed in India.

Well, if I am to summarize all sorts of things here about the Aryan greatness, I guess it would take a book or such to do so. But a thing which concerns me to the utmost extent, is that the term "Aryan" has been wrongly used by many people, especially in the western hemisphere.