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Apr 28, 2019
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Hinduism is indeed one of the fastest growing religion in the world. Not only in Ghana, Australia and United States, Hinduism is spreading in parts of Europe also.

According to latest census, Hinduism has seen approximately 20% growth in countries like France, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Georgia and England.

In this article, we will talk about Hinduism in each of the countries mentioned above and will elaborate on each one by one.


In France, migration of a significant number Indian nationals and presence of long-time Indo-French residents are responsible for the prevalence of Hinduism. Though Hinduism does not contribute a lot to the total population, according to the latest population, approximately 0.2% off the population consists of Hindus. Not only Indians, but some French nationals were also inspired by this religion and went on to adopt the same.

There is a wide spread Hindu community in and around Paris and majority of the individuals belonging to this community have migrated from Pondicherry which was once a French colony. Not only this, there are also Hindu temples in France like the Ganesha Temple in Paris.


The Hindu community in Denmark is dominated by people of mainly Tamil origin (Sri Lankan Tamil origin). Out of a total population of approximately 6 million people, Hindus account to a mere 6000-7000 and are basically IT professionals, restaurants owners and medical professionals. Hindu temples dedicated to Ganesha are also present in Denmark. Hinduism is Denmark is still in the growth phase.


Like Denmark, Finland also had a very few number of Hindus and Hinduism is one of the most minor communities in the country. Approximately 0.3% off the population consists on Hindus in Finland. There was no Hindu sect identified in Finland in centuries earlier than the 21st century. The growth of IT industry in this country is responsible for the migration of a number of engineers and technicians, soon after they were recruited by big MNCs like Nokia.

Till date, there is no sign on propagation of the Hindu religion or presence of any Hindu religious temples or monuments in the country, though all Hindu festivals and occasions are celebrated by the Hindus residing there.


Though a minority, Hindu religion is loved and respected by people of Germany.

The first ever migration of Hindus to Germany was witnessed in the early 1950s with Tamilians of Sri Lanka making the first move. The numerically strongest and currently most visible Hindu “community” in Germany is formed by Tamil people from Sri Lanka. Since the escalation of the Sinhalese-Tamil conflict in Sri Lanka during the 1980s, about 60,000 came as asylum seekers. As per a recent population statistical study conducted by one of the agencies in Germany, approximately 1,20,000 Hindus reside in Germany.

Hinduism in Germany or Hindus in Germany mainly comprise of medical students from West Bengal and a lot of doctors, scientists, technicians and merchants from various parts of North India. A very few women, these professionals and academicians were mainly young boys and men from the urban, upper middle classes. As on date, the approximate total number of Indians in Germany is around 50,000 and apart from Hindus, many of them are also catholic.

The first ever Hindu temple was built in Hamburg and majority of Hindu live in this area only. All Hindu festivals and occasions are celebrated by the Hindus residing in Germany and the culture is accepted by the Germans with an open heart.


You will be amazed to know that Hinduism is the second most popular and widespread religion in the England.If you look at the above graph you will see that U.K comes under Top 10 countries with largest Hindu population.

As per a recent survey, Hindu population sums to approximately 800,000 today and Leicester and London. In London, Wembley, Southall and Hounslow are few places that are densely populated by the Hindu community.

The migration of Hindu to Britain started soon after the Second World War. The main upsurge of migration, from East Africa, extended over the late sixties and early seventies. Most of the Hindu population placed itself in inner-city areas, and were often relatively poor, many having lost their wealth upon expulsion from Uganda. They became unskilled workers or started small businesses as grocers and clothing manufacturers. This was the scenario of the earlier generation which improved with time and completely changed with time.

The Hindu community in England now appears to be blossoming. Families are well established in professional fields – law, media, medicine, engineering, and accounting – and in many branches of business. Hindu students often top the charts in academic achievement and go on to pursue high degree and get highly paid jobs.

The British community as accepted the Hindu sect and Hindus have full freedom to enjoy their culture. A lot of Hindu temples can also be found in England.


Like England, Hinduism is one of the fastest growing populations in Georgia. Approximately 45000 Indian inhabit Georgia, most of them residing in and around Atlanta and have migrated from western India.

Like other countries, several Hindu temples have been built in this state and the Hindu temple of Atlanta is the oldest and most famous one. The ISKCON movement is also followed by some of the Hindu devotees and all major and minor Hindu festivals and rituals are followed by the Hindus living in Georgia.

Apart from the countries mentioned above, the biggest majority of Hindus are found in Asian countries. The countries with more than 500,000 Hindu residents other than India include Nepal, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia, Myanmar and South Africa. As it is clearly evident in this article, Hinduism in different countries and as we read above, Hinduism in Europe in today’s time has its own face and features and its meaning and definition varies from place to place and person to person.

Hope you like this article. Keep watching this space for more interesting facts and figures about the world’s third most popular religion- Hinduism as we all know it.