Hindutva & Atheism

Apr 30, 2019
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Hindutva is compatible with anything and everything — except fundamentalism. Hindutva is Swadharma (You may do what is best for you).
If you feel like believing in God, you may. If you don’t feel like, you may not. Besides, even Vedas have a method of reaching the truth through rejection. It’s called Neti, Neti. It means denying everything to such a point that you shed all the inessentials and come to the essential Truth.
However, there is a word of caution against atheistic fundamentalism which is as dangerous if not more dangerous then theistic fundamentalism. This is why Marxists are viewed with suspcion.
The original atheist existed long ago. He was called Charvaka. His central message was that there is no god, there is no heaven/hell. There is no going anywhere.. so eat, drink and make merry. The famous line is : Runnam Kruthva, Grutham Peebeth (even at the cost of debts, enjoy nutritious food).
Charvaka is certainly good for your soul. If you don’t have any mental/emotional hangover and enjoy life, that is positive. Sooner or later, you will arrive at truth.
The Hindu problem is not with Charavaka. It is against those negative alien atheism which has converted this world into a battleground with the haves versus have-not theories.
The problem with Marxist atheism is that it provokes hatred in you. The positive feature of Charvaka atheism is that it is a source of joy.
So Charvaka is better then Marx anydays. Eat, drink, make merry and enjoy life. Sooner or later, your life is bound to flower. Don’t throw stones, it is eminently Marxist.
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