How important to check astrology charts in Marriage?


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Jul 6, 2019
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Horoscope and Marriage Matrimony

According to Hindu astrology, the marriage match between two people is determined by horoscopes. The life and personality of any person is related to various astrological factors at birth. The most important of these is the position of the Navagrahas. Astrology is the process by which astrologer has suggested that when two people get married, their marital life will change. In the sacred relationship of marriage, man and woman should maintain mutual love and affection towards the end of life. Horoscopes are essential for each person to find a suitable / suitable mate and to have a happy marriage.

Importance of horoscopes
Marriage arrangement is the first and foremost step in the marriage counseling. Our astrologer has special guidelines for analyzing horoscopes of men and women. It analyzes the harmony between the various astrological elements in the horoscope of the two individuals. It affects physical, mental, and emotional cohesion between individuals. This type of horoscope study helps them to understand the positive and negative aspects of marriage. Matching horoscopes will guarantee love and well-being until the end of life.

Although the star and the positions of the planets are the basis of compatibility, the horoscope analysis is based on all the astrological aspects of life for both men and women. If you look at 20 different match ups in ancient times, 10 of them are being analyzed today. These discrepancies are related to various aspects of marriage. These conflicts will show the extent to which there are various factors such as mutual love, harmony, well-being, sexuality, health, emotion, offspring, longevity and happiness. The overall consistency of these is the deciding factor in every marriage proposal. The astrologer can decide whether or not to get a divorce based on the overall scale of the ten matches.

Consistency and the strength of relationships
In many respects, the harmony between men and women, and their solidity, is clear. It demonstrates the homogeneity and stability of the husband and wife relationship. Instead of 10 matches, eight and twelve matches are sometimes seen. The 10 matchups, which include day, set, vagina, zodiac, zodiac, rajju, vedha, vasya, mahendra and woman long, are further analyzed. In the matching process, each of these is analyzed separately.

Day match
The day-to-day match is concerned with the health and well-being of the husband and wife. Better day-to-day corresponds to a long and prosperous marriage without sickness and poverty.

Set match
The set of conflict is the match between the emotional states of men and women. It also implies consistency in sexuality.

Vaginal compatibility
Vaginal compatibility refers to the homogeneity of sex. Although sex is associated with other emotions, the inconsistencies in it can be determined by analyzing vaginal compatibility. Vaginal compatibility, which refers to physical compatibility, should be analyzed separately for both men and women.

Zodiac match
This indicates a mismatch between Ji and Ji stars. The constellations and constellations that influence a person's behavior and physical structure are determined by the position of the moon at birth. The zodiac match is the most important of the matches. The best zodiac is a remedy for shortcomings in other compatibility.

President's match
The President's match is the match between men and women and men. Human beings can be friendly or hostile to each other. Politicians should be allies for good compliance. It signifies a long and happy family life. The opposite effect is indicated by the hostile statesmen. Presidential matchmaking can also influence a couple's offspring.

Raju match
The Raju match is very important for a happy marriage and long life. Rajput preparation should be studied in detail as it refers to the longevity of the man / husband.

The Vedas
'Veda' is a term used to refer to Veda and Vytha. This will analyze the differences between male and female JI stars. Uncomplicated Jyoti stars can make a marriage difficult. It can cause sickness and distress. Veda or compatible stars indicate happy family life.

Warmth match
Vasya match is the match between couple zodiac signs. The best verbal match refers to mutual love, affection, respect, and harmony. The best Vasaya matchup can fix the shortcomings in the set and zodiac matches.

Mahendra match
It signifies the couple's wealth, prosperity and longevity. Excellent Mahendra match, ensuring prosperity and prosperity. Mahendra fights are also indicative of how a man loves and protects his wife and children. This matchup can correct the shortcomings in the day to day and diplomatic matchups.

Female long-haired
Female longevity is a sign of sickness, married life, and prosperity. The Best Female Long Term Assurance guarantees the health, well-being and longevity of the woman / wife.

Of the 10 matches that match, the most important are the set, raju, day, zodiac and vagina. Of these, the Raju match and the day match are more important. In terms of matching, the horoscope match is determined by summing up the 10 matches separately. If the overall amount is over 50% then you can say that the horoscope match is good and is suitable for marriage. But when it comes to marriage, there are 10 factors that need to be analyzed, such as Mars, neurosis, and serious harm.

In a marriage proposal, the first and foremost thing to consider is the fact that Mars. To do this, one has to look at the horoscopes of both men and women and analyze the position of Mars / Kuja. If the state of Mars in both horoscopes is congruent with each other, the marriage proposal can be carried forward.

We need to look at neurological harm in order to ensure the health and well-being of the couple. Greater evil is analyzed to ensure harmony and unity for the husband and wife in important matters of life. The position of the moon in the horoscope of both is critical to the cause of the harm. Even if all matches are good, in some cases, nervous and serious harm can hinder a marriage. In addition, other astrological factors are analyzed, including a comparison of the meetings of the two horoscopes, before determining whether a marriage proposal is appropriate. Marriage match or horoscope match is a complex process that involves many astrological analyzes.

The natural characteristics and interests of the two individuals are analyzed in a similar manner. Marriage is about two people, two families and two different cultures. Given the changing circumstances, the process of adaptation also needs to change. In keeping with the basic astrological principles, a modern approach should be adopted in compatibility. An astrologer must be able to adapt to the changing conditions of life, the changing society, and the intelligence of both men and women. A satisfying marriage is the key to the survival of families and of society.

A good astrologer in India can guide you the way in predicting the future of horoscopes of both bride and groom for a fruitful marriage.