May 1, 2019
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Since many years we always hear few things like Sati system practise, women’s are not given more equal importance then men in our society, women’s are slave towards their husband in Sanatan dharma etc etc.

--Maa Durga/women/Shakti is been given the task to take care of this Entire Universe in a form of Mayadevi, durg in Marathi also means a place to capture & according to Gita we are sophisticated humans been caged in the jail of Material world. She is also the sister of Sri Krishna, when Sri Krishna wanted to appear on planet earth he Orders Mayadevi to take birth form the womb of mata Yashoda & later there was an exchange been done as we read our Beloved Bhagwatam, in return Sri Krishna boned Maya devi that due to this you would be known by many names on Prithvi loka.

namadheyani kurvanti sthanani ca nara bhuvi
durgeti bhadrakaliti vijaya vaishnaviti ca
kumuda candika krishna madhavi kanyaketi ca
maya narayanisani saradety ambiketi ca. Bhagwatam - 10.2.11-12

Translation - Lord Krishna blessed Maya devi by blessing her with his words - "On different places of the earth, people will call you with different names, such as Durga, Bhadrakali, Vijaya, Vaishnavi, Kumuda, Candika, Ambika, Krishna, Kanyaka, Maya, Isani, Narayani, Sarada and Madhavi.

Just by given a task to handle planet earth & other planets we can understand the importance of women in our Vedic Society.

Lets look back in our history.

The biggest battle in our History was fought at the time of Ramayan in Tretayuga & Mahabharata in Dwaparyuga & both these wars were fought for AN INNOCENT WOMEN, respect towards a women, wife, Queen in our Society. Maa Sita was been kidnapped by Ravana due to which war took place & when Maa Draupadi who was the Queen of entire planet Earth was been insulted by the Kauravas Mahabharata battle was been fought.

This makes sense that women’s were been treated much higher then men’s in our society since millions of years.

--Ramayan (9,00,000 years back) - Maa Sita was allowed to chose her husband when his father Raja Janak organised swyamvar & 5000 Kings were invited from Entire Bhurmandal/Planet Earth/Maa Prithivi, there are many examples which dates at the time of Bhagwan Kapil muni & her mother Devhuti, Daughter of manu/first man & Satarupa, Devhuti got married with Rishi Kardambji on her request to his father who was a King (approximately 30,00,000 years back in Satyuga at the time of creation on our Loka/Planet Earth)

Mahabharata (5114 years back) - Maa Draupadi was allowed to chose her husband when King Drupad organised swyamvar.

Chanakaya Pandit (2400 years back) - Every women’s of Bharata had their right to chose their husband at the time of Nandas & later Maurya rule & this was been practised 300 years back also, until the Whites invaded into our mother land & many things were changed.

A women choosing her husband of her choice, Battle for a women itself proves the importance of women in our vedic society.

Since many years we always hear few things like Sati system practise, women’s are not given more equal importance then men in our society, women’s are slave towards their husband in Sanatan dharma etc etc.

Sati Practise - Mellachas & Yewanas always blame us for sati practise but they should read their history first.

Women’s are Sex slaves according to the scriptures of Mellacha’s & in earlier scripts they proved women’s are without SOUL.

Women’s were killed on the name of Witch & at one time more than 25,000 women’s were burnt alive in the communities of Yewanas.

Sati is an Old Vedic Practise, term derived from Godess Sati (Wife of Bhagwan Shiv), Daughter of Daksha Prajapati. Maa Sati had entered fire because of her fathers misbehaviour towards his beloved Husband Bhagwan Shiva, however she was reborn as Maa Parvati & remarried Bhagwan Shiv in her next life, this practise was very pure & falls under the mode of Goodness/Satoguna. Sati is a pure word which we can’t compare with the example that we would like to share.

Even today girls would kill herself for his boyfriend & same would be done by a boy, this is done more in the foreign countries & this is nothing but the so called Sati system in an IGNORANT manner. Sati is not the term to be used for such ignorant sin. But Sati in Vedic times was due to some logical reason.

When Abhimanu the son of Arjuna was killed in the battle of Mahabharta his wife Uttra had no reason to survie in his absence, she had Parikshit in her womb who was the future King & so she was not allowed to accept Sati. When Ditrashtra surrendered himself to the flames his wife Gandhari accepted sati, why? because she was already in pain after loosing her 100 kids & many relatives & without no husband what hope she would have to survive? People in the olden days Loved their husband as if they were 1 soul with 2 bodies, Pingla just heard a false news about King Bhartihari , brother of Vikram Aditya whose vedic calendar we still follow, news that he got killed in a jungle, she left her body the same moment in pain & so this was the pure meaning of Sati/love/respect which was later been MISQUOTED by the WESTERN Invaders.

This started from the time of Mugal rule who started raping Bhartiya womens & we all know the HISTORY of AKBAR who killed many innocents/crucified them brutally & due to which 13,000 women’s entered fire which we read in our History chapters, Practice of Jouhar, known from Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh.

On 24th February 1568, Mughal King Akbar called for a pogrom and brutal massacre of aproximately 30,000 defenseless Hindus from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan who refused to convert to Islam. Abul Fazl, Akbar's court chronicler justified this slaughter; their wife had to enter Fire/sati.

Gagodangad/Rajasthan around 40,000 women’s practised Sati because their husbands were killed in war by the Mugal’s. Their husband were the only reason for them to survive, this was termed as SATI women who loved their husband purely.

Is there any women to be termed as SATI left in our Bhartvarsh anymore?
-Yes there are few in villages but hard to find them in towns, time has changed when a women do not mind suing her husband in a court of law after divorce or due to small problems which is also foreign influence & this is what we call as MORDERNIZATION? Shame to such Modernization!

Later this was been more corrupted by The BRITISHERS, even they use to rape women’s in Bhartvarsh & killed many innocent Farmers due to which women’s had to jump in fire. Out here there were 2 reasons to jump in fire. One was to not come in contact with the Whites else they would have their bad eyes on them & we all know how after the Whites left Bharta there were already many of their seeds left in the wombs of our innocent mothers & sisters of Bharatvarsh & presently this is growing rapidly, the other reason was love towards their husband due to which they jumped in fire. Many also accepted Sati when their Freedom fighter husbands were been killed by these White Elephants/Britishers.

If Romeo & Juliet dies for each other their relationship is termed as Pure love & when Sati System was practise it was been criticized by the whole World & our own Bharata citizens who do not read their scriptures & history properly & get more influenced by the corrupted English teachings planted by Mac Caulley & Max Muller. That Bhartaiya is a FOOL/RACIST who criticize Sati system because it was not been forced by anybody but was a free will of a women expressing their love towards their husbands. But due to invaders, for few years, in few villages it was been done forcefully, women were been forced to enter fire but this was all when the Invaders manipulated the VEDIC EDUCATION SYSTEM & When fraud Trade took place with our innocent farmers due to which their land were sold & due to poverty the family members had no source to take care of the widow & kids & were forced. Bharata had always been a Golden bird even before Britisher’s & Mugal invaded & untill today where there are temple like Padmanabha, Jagganath Puri where there are tonnes of Gold mines buried beneath.

If Sati is been criticized what can we say about the present situation where the Young’s commit suicides for their loved ones? PURE LOVE? or MORDERNIZATION? This is practised in those countries more who had always criticised our Vedic teachings, our Culture. Shame to such people who are presently paying for their bad deeds, History repeats.

Glory of women in Vedas :- Rig 10.159
A women speaks after waking up in morning, “My destiny is as glorious as the rising sun. I am the flag of my home and society. I am also their head. I can give impressive discourses. My sons conquer enemies. My daughter illuminates the whole world. I myself am winner of enemies. My husband has infinite glory. I have made those sacrifices which make a king successful. I have also been successful. I have destroyed my enemies.

||Akhanda Bharata||
||HaRE KriShnA||