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Jun 14, 2021
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Hi All,

I would like to learn more about the indian saints and from a indian philosphical perpespective why such individuals come into our lives, being more specific, for example it is a common understanding that all beings come into this life through Krishna/Ram and I would like to learn more about the reasons from an indian perpective. why do such individuals come about? but not through the common texts from Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism (Ramayan, Gita, Grant Sahib, Vedas and common classical Buddhists text).
Why do such individuals come about?
What is their purpose?
From Krishna`s/Ram`s perspective why does he bring these indviduals to us?
Are they brought here to teach us something or is that for example in modern society with such high knowledgable people with PHD`s, proffessors etc such people would find it insulting, inimidating to learn from such an individual and as such such beings are brought here to teach but to be exploited for our personal benefit of material gain, plenty and way of life etc?

I thank you in advance for your replies to my question

J singh

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