Indus Valley Civilization

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Apr 30, 2019
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If you are an Indian and are quite acquainted with the course of Indian history, the name of Aryan can’t be unfamiliar to you, even if the application of the same word has raised storms in the Indian and even external academic circles every now and then. What is the true meaning of the word Aryan? This does also happen to be the one of the most contentious questions thus far. In accordance with a considerable section of Western scholars, it does stand for a member of the prehistoric people who spoke Proto-Indo European (even if the precise identification of the same remains a colossal failure thus far) or a Caucasian person of Nordic descent (and not a Jew) ( as per the Nazi doctrine). Should history remain subservient to political or politically-influenced ideological whims and nefarious designs only? This question is asked since the same theory of Aryan Invasion is debunked time and again. However a considerable section of historians and academics simply loves to stick to the same.

Who are these people? There is nothing to get amazed as the majority of these people, if not more, is ideologically aligned or driven to the Leftist school of thought, well-known for propagating ideas competent enough to destruct national identity by leaps and bounds. The same have also been done by the Leftist intellectuals, ever since their emergence in the national scenario after the national independence following the partition of undivided Indian subcontinent.

Only a few people discern, even if there does exist alleged ideological differences between Leftists, Islamists and also Western Libertarianism, a deep relation does also exist. They are set to destruct the basis of Indian civilization or culture by bearing witness for the Aryan Invasion history. Little do these people know whatever may be the extent of endeavor, neither it is easy to establish falsification of history nor provide evidence for a blatant falsity. Alas! The poor souls leave no stone unturned to attain success, even after a long and arduous struggle.

What is the reality then? There was not at all any Aryan Invasion ever. Are you going to invade your own residence at any time? As this is not possible Aryan Invasion theory is also a desperate effort of mendacity. If you are in the need of strongest evidence, you have got to refer to Aryan Invasion Theory and Indian Nationalism written by none other than Mr. Shrikant G. Talageri and the name was made used of even by Mr. MV Kamath in one of this widely acclaimed articles.

What does the book concentrate on? In accordance with the book, copious numbers of evidences (along with those collected through ages) do prove that both Rigveda and the Puranas do make definite evidence available that India was the unique native soil of the Indo European family of language and there can’t be any invasion ever.

What’s of the saga of Indus Valley Civilization then? This question is quite natural since a great section of Indian historians consider the civilization was basically non-Aryan and was simply spifflicated by the invading Aryans, none other than barbarians and devoid of any sagacity or prudence. On the contrary, facts that have come to the fore thus far, state conclusively (certainly with conviction) Indus Civilization was an exclusively IndoEuropean one.

Lastly, take help of theories used by P. Gupta, A. Basu and P.C. Datta in Human Skeletal Remains from Harappa. Here they do wrap up confirming "the population of the widespread region (Punjab Gujarat) has remained more or less stable since Harappan times". This does invalidate any notion of dislocation of a basically different "non Aryan" Harappan population owing to the existing "Aryan" population of this region.