Janak's Envoy To Ayodhya


Apr 28, 2019
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Janak Sends Messenger To Ayodhya :- Vishwamitra advised king Janak to send a messenger to Ayodhya so that king Dashrath could come and attend the marriage ceremony.

Janak was busy instructing the servants to construct a beautiful canopy for the marriage ceremony. He also instructed all the traders of Janakpuri to decorate their shops in the market.


When the messenger reached Ayodhya, he was amazed by its splendour. As soon as king Dashrath came to know about the messenger's arrival, he called him to the palace. The messenger delivered the invitation to the king Dashrath.


King Dashrath then affectionately enquired about the well being of Sri Rama and Laxmana. He also said that since the day Sri Rama and Laxmana had gone with Vishwamitra, he did not have any news about them. "Today you have come with this invitation. Tell me, O messenger! How did king Janak recognize both of them?"

The messenger replied in the following way:

"O king, you are like a diamond that decorates a crown. No one else is as blessed as you are because you have sons like Sri Rama and Laxmana." Then the messenger narrated all the story about Sita's Swayamvar, gathering of numerous kings and princes as well as of Rama and Laxmana with Vishwamitra and how Sri Rama had lifted the bow and how it was broken when He tried to train it. The messenger also narrated how the mighty kings could not even move the bow, how even Ravana accepted defeat. He also narrated about Parashuram's anger, his verbal dual with Laxmana and how ultimately realizing the divinity of Sri Rama, gave his (Parashuram's) bow to Sri Rama.


King Dashrath then narrated the whole story and handed over the invitation to sage Vashishta. Vashishta also felt very happy. He said:

"O king, its all your virtues. The joys, pleasures and prosperity come automatically to virtuous people. Just as the rivers submerge into the sea despite the fact that the sea does not requires waters from the river, similarly wealth and prosperity voluntarily goes to religious and virtuous people even if they do not require them."

Vashishta instructed him to make arrangement for the marriage procession as early as possible. The queens were also very happy to learn about Sri Rama's marriage.

King Dashrath called Bharat and asked him to make arrangement for the departure of marriage-procession. The cavaliers were asked to decorate their horses and the charioteers and the people possessing elephants were also summoned to be prepared.

Sumant brought two magnificent chariots, which were drawn by very fast horses. In one of those two chariots were kept royal things and the other chariot was reserved for sage Vashishta. After taking Vashishta's permission and remembering Lord Shankar, goddess Parvati and Ganesha, Dashrath too boarded his chariot.

This way the marriage procession started off for Janakpuri.

Meanwhile, King Janak got all the major and minor roads repaired and bridges and culverts constructed over the rivers, rivulets, drinages etc. for the smooth journey of the procession. He also constructed numerous rest-houses all along the way.


People of Janakpuri understood that the marriage procession had arrived near Janakpuri when the listened to the loud noise of drums. They started off to receive the procession which arrived on elephants, horses, chariots and even on foot. Milk, sherbet, and various other items of refreshment were carried in golden pots.

When the marriage procession was sighted near Janakpur, people's hearts were filled up with joys. They welcomed and met the members of the procession with great enthusiasm and affection.

The deities showered flowers from the sky and sang auspicious songs. King Dashrath accepted all the presents and presented the people of Janakpur with return gifts. The members of the marriage procession were accommodated at a grand place furnished with all kinds of comforts.

When the people of the marriage procession were amazed to see the splendour of the resting place. They praised Janak for making such an elegant arrangement.

Both Sri Rama and Laxmana were extremely happy when they learnt of Dashrath's arrival. They were desirous of seeing him but were hesitant to express their feelings to Vishwamitra. But at last they could not contain their desires and sought Vishwamitra's permission. Vishwamitra readily granted their request and himself went along with Sri Rama and Laxmana to see king Dashrath.

When king Dashrath saw Sri Rama and Laxmana along with Vishwamitra, his joys crossed all bounderies. He took Vishwamitra in his embrace. Both Sri Rama and Laxmana greeted their father. After that both the brothers paid respect to sage Vashishta by touching his feet.

Shatrughana and Bharat paid respect to Sri Rama by touching his feet and after that they embraced Laxmana.

There were still many days for the marriage. There was great festivity among the public. Every day began with joy and ended in joy. There jolliness seemed unending. The common public of Janakpur was so pleased that they wished the day of marriage should extend so that they could see Sri Rama for some more days.


Attired in beautiful sarees and adorned with the ornaments, the beautiful women of Janakpur were looking so beautiful that even Rati (wife of Kamadev) would have felt envious of them. They sang auspicious songs in their melodious voices and the sweet sounds of their anklets, while they walked, added to its beauty.
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