Karmas can't wipe karmas same like dirty water can't wipe dirty clothes.


May 1, 2019
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Donation can't wipe our karmas- Donating cow is the biggest donation in our Vedic society, Nrig Maharaj had donated that many cows how many dirt particles present in this world & stars in the sky, but he was cursed by a Brahmana & later turned a reptile only because he donated with a desire to reach heaven but not to please Sri Krishna. (Shrimad Bhagwatam)

Austerity/Tapasya can't wipe karmas - When Sri Ram bhagwan on his way to meet mata Sabri near Matan Rishis Ashram the other rishis nearby fasted for lakhs of years only on fruits, few only on water, few only on air to please Sri Ram but Sri Ram bhagwan was pleased on Mata sabri who never followed any austerity but only desire less love for Sri Ram & the rishis who did tapsya/austerity had to suffer because they had no respect for mata Sabri nor any desire less love for Sri Ram Bhagwan.(Valmiki Ramayan/Bhaktamaal)

Karmakand cant wipe karmas - By performing havans/fire sacrifice or yagya, any such vedic karma kands/ceremony cant wipe karmas. The Brahmana who were into karma kand had to suffer by not getting darshan of Sri Krishna & their wives who knew nothing about Vedic Scriptures had nishkaam prema/love for Sri Krishna & when Sri Krishna came near to their house they ran ignoring their husbands to please Sri Krishna with food & garlands & while returning back home the educated Karmakandi Brahmans had to pay respect to their wives seeing their devotional service & love for Sri Krishna. (Shrimad Bhagwatam)

However all the above path of worship if performed to please Bhagwan Sri Ram/Krishna/Hari/Narayan & after any such Yagya, donation, karmakand etc the fruit earned is been given back to God himself by saying “Sri Krishna Arpanmastu” or “Sri Narayan Arpanmastu” ( त्वदीय वस्तु गोविन्दं तुभ्यं एवं समरपये - It means the fruits that we earn with the above paths should be offered to Sri Ram,Krishna, Hari) only then they are beneficial to move ahead on spirituality path of Bhakti marg else Acharya Madhavacharaya says they all are like the chewed up Sugarcane/Useless if not done to serve the Supreme.

After any thing good with desire less mind we should say “Sri Krishna Arpanmastu” this would help us move higher in both, material as well as Spiritual life & when such person moves higher in material life the Material negativity never remains for ex. If a person turns rich he wouldn't be filled with pride or attitude & even his material practice would be counted as a Spiritual practice which is free from good/bad karmas because such a divine soul earns with an intention to serve the Cows, Brahman, Sri Krishna, Poors etc without anything in return & with such desire less service their karmas are neutralized, they get liberated from the cycle of life & death & resides with the Supreme in his Spiritual Abode.

||All Glories to Guru & Garuranga||