Learn Sanskrit by reading the Ramayana


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Mar 4, 2021
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We're creating a free online library of learner-friendly Sanskrit books based on modern second language acquisition research. All of our books have integrated translations (and will soon have grammar notes too) so that meaning remains clear and reading remains fun.

Our flagship series is a graded retelling of the Ramayana, which uses beginner-friendly Sanskrit that gets richer over time. We have just finished our retelling of the Bala Kanda (part 1), which provides over 11,000 words of simple and learner-friendly Sanskrit prose. (For context, this is longer than the entire Gita, but it is simple enough that learners could read it all in their first few weeks of study.)

We're happy to have found this group and hope it's acceptable for us to self-promote. You can see a link to our project here: https://en.amarahasa.com/ . Thanks for reading, and we're happy to answer any questions you all might have.

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