Meeting Shoorpanakha


Apr 28, 2019
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Shoorpanakha was a widowed sister of Ravan. She was very cruel hearted. She used to devour anything which came to her sight.

Once she came at Panchavati and after seeing Sri Rama and Laxmana, got infatuated by their handsome appearance.

Disguising herself as a beautiful woman she approached Sri Rama and proposed Him to marry her. Pointing towards Sita, Sri Rama said that he was already married but... "my younger brother is still unmarried."

Shoorpanakha went towards Laxmana and made the same proposal. Laxmana said-

"I am merely his servant and remain under him. Marrying me, you too will have to be under him. So you have no chance here but you can marry my elder brother since he is a king and a king can have many wives."

She again went back to Sri Rama but was again sent back to Laxmana. Laxmana became irritated and said only such a man could marry her who has abandoned shame.

She became very furious and showed her ferocious appearance. Sita became terrified. Sri Rama signalled Laxmana who acting quickly severed her ears and nose.


Losing her nose and ears and bleeding profusely, Shoorpanakha ran to Khardushan and narrated about the whole incident to him. Khardushan called his army and marched towards Panchavati.

When Sri Rama saw the clouds of dust rising in the sky he understood that the enemy had arrived. He instructed Laxmana to escort Sita to a cave and ensure her safety.

When Khardushan saw Sri Rama he was amazed by his beauty. He called his ministers and said that he is too tender and young to be killed. Though he has disfigured my sister’s face, still if he is willing to part away with his wife his life would be spared.

He ordered his ministers to go to Sri Rama and inform him about his conditions for averting battle.

The minister went to Sri Rama and informed him about everything Khardushan had said. Sri Rama replied-

"We are Kshatriya and we have come in this forest for hunting the games like you. I am not afraid of an enemy, no matter how mighty he is. Although I am a man but I am the protector of the sages and the hermits and the destroyer of the demons. If he is terrified he may return because we don’t attack on the back of our enemy."

The minister returned to Khardushan and narrated everything. Soon a battle followed between Sri Rama alone on one side and Khardushan and his army on the other.

Sri Rama killed entire army and ultimately Khardushan also.

When Shoorpanakha saw the smoke arising from the body of Khardushan, she went to Ravan and warned him to remain alert as the enemy had arrived.


Shoorpanakha fell down on the floor in the royal court of Ravan and while wailing said to Ravan about her condition. Ravan instantly got up from his throne and asked who was responsible for her such condition. He asked-
"Who has severed your ears and nose."

Shoorpanakha replied-

"Two sons of Ayodhya's king Dashrath have come to hunt in our forest. Their acts and deeds have made me so scared that I have a feeling that, very soon the whole earth is going to be devoid of the demons. They carry bow on their shoulders. The name of elder one is Rama and the younger one is Laxmana. A very beautiful woman is also with them. I have never seen such a beautiful woman in my life. If you will see her, you will be enchanted by her beauty. Rama's younger brother Laxmana has severed my ears and nose when he came to know that I am your sister."

Continuing her tale of woe, she said-
"Khardushan had come along with fourteen thousand soldiers but Rama annihilated them in no time."

When Ravan heard about the death of Khardushan and Trishira, he became furious. He assured Shoorpanakha boastingly and went inside his palace to sleep but could not sleep. He was wondering about the enemy who had killed Khardushan. He was thinking that whoever had killed Khardushan, might be an incarnation of God otherwise no one could kill Khardushan who was as powerful as Ravan. Ravan thought 'if he is really an incarnation of God, I would attain to heaven If I am killed by him but if he is merely a human being, I would abduct his wife, after defeating both the brothers in the battle.'

Ravan went to Marich who lived at the seashore.