Moral Story on Anger


May 1, 2019
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A boy very aggressive comes next to his father complaining about how to control anger?
Father- Son here is the box full of nails which you need to hammer it on this wall whenever you feel angry on some one.

The son, whenever felt aggressive punched the nail inside the wall, one day he felt ashamed seeing the wall filled with nails, goes to his father. Father I realised my mistake but now I want to learn how to get rid of such anger?

Father- Son whenever you feel angry, c control your temper & remove one nail from the wall & collect it in this box, when the box is full your anger would come to an end.

Son was happy this day, he removed all the nails from the wall after a year & now he can control his anger, goes to his father; father here is the box filled with nails, I am able to control my anger now, thanks a lot!!

Father- Wait, my son! I am glad you can control your anger but what about those holes which remained on the wall? How would you wipe those holes now?

Moral - Sorry cant wipe out the wrong we committed in life, like the removed nails keeps the scars behind in someone’s heart, how can those get wiped out? Sorry can’t make a dead man alive, sorry can maintain the trust in a broken relationships.

Think twice or trice when anger conquers mind which makes us lose our other senses, it all starts from our eyes by seeing, later come on mouth by using bad words & hate speech, later comes in action, physical. Try to control anger when our first sense "eye" starts reacting .

Lesson from my mother to his aggressive son “Me” in his school days
||HaRe KrisHnA|

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