Panchagni Mantra - To get Jobs or Promotions

Apr 30, 2019
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The following Panchagni Mantra is highly powerful and greatly beneficial for employees facing problems at their office and for people in search of jobs. Workers who are unable to get promotions or increments even though they deserve it, can use this mantra to bring positive help to their life. Job aspirants who have been in search of a good job for long, can meditate on this mantra and then renew their search after mantra siddhi.

Om namo narayanaya shashwathaya nithyaya yoganandhaya paramathmane
jnanaya bhumipathaye lokaya agnaye panchagnipathaye
vedagathraya samaghoshaya gopalavallabhaya gogopapathaye rathnasimhasanashrayaya namah

Chant the above mantra 108 times each in the morning and evening. Light a lamp and sit in front of it while chanting, facing east direction in the morning and west direction in the evening. Practice the chanting for 14 continuous days, preferably starting on a Thursday or a Sunday morning.

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