Positive impacts of the British colonization in India

Apr 30, 2019
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If we are talking about positive impacts of the British colonization in India then first think to understand that, why Britain colonized India in the first place? The Great Britain discovered India and then India was sub-continent after some time East India Company came and built hubs for market and they built it for trade. In that time India was filled by resources and minerals, so they have built attractive colony to Britain as seemed in Britain.

By the colonization India has gained very good thing and they gain more experience form it. In the year of 1947 India became free Country but the colonization of British in India did not get neglected this thing. This first and best thing about colonization is that the impact of colonization had created unity development, when the people live together this makes unity between them.

This colonization leads towards Democracy; this helps India to develop democracy in modern day India. The result of this democracy is now India has become world’s largest democracy nation. If Britain did not establish this colonization then it was very difficult to reach this position. They transformed our traditional agriculture based economy and builds forms for private ownership. These are the things which make India create competitive business with free trade.

If we talk about colonization benefits of today’s world then entire world knows now India is world largest service provider in every field such as Food, Technology, clothes, minerals and on best medical services. These all things happened by the best effects of colonization. If there is no colonization then our India is not having power which is having today. Entire world knows the power of India and this is due to the power of Britain’s colonization. Last thing of colonization of Britain’s positive impact of India is sport in India.

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