Rishi Vasistha on the four paths to enlightenment...


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Dec 27, 2019
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The Yoga Vasistha is a discourse between the Avatar Rama as a young prince of fourteen, and Rishi Vasistha, where the sage clears Rama's questions and doubts. I found the below one of the most insightful teachings in the discourse.

Sage Vasistha states that there are four gate-keepers at the entrance to the realm of freedom : Satsang or holy company, inquiry, self-control and contentment.

As per Vasistha, the wise seeker should diligently cultivate the friendship of these, or at least one of them. If all of them cannot be practiced, just one can be practiced diligently, and with time, all four will be found developed in us. The development of these qualities will attract to us strength , intellect, efficiency , timely action as well as prosperity and enjoyment.

Rishi Vasistha also states that the development of these qualities in oneself, is in itself qualification for gaining higher wisdom. Vasistha considers Sri Rama to be such a qualified person.

So let us all strive to develop these qualities (Satsang or holy company, inquiry, self-control and contentment ) within oneself and thus be successful in attracting material and spiritual prosperity.