May 1, 2019
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Sati system is still been practised till date.

Logic - A boy or a girl in love with his/her partner, situation does not allow them to unite & boy or a girl commits suicide.
What would you term such an act?

It can be termed as an Ignorant way to practise SATI.

Sati is an Old Vedic Practise, term derived from Godess Sati (Wife of Bhagwan Shiv, Daughter of Daksha Prajapati the Son of Sri Brahmaji). Maa Sati had entered fire because of her fathers misbehaviour towards his beloved Husband Bhagwan Shiva, however she was reborn as Maa Parvati & remarried Bhagwan Shiv in her next life, this practise was very pure & falls under the mode of Goodness/Satoguna. Even in today’s world the young love birds cant live without their partners however such an act is purely Attraction & mixture of Lust, but in the olden days Women’s were so very dedicated towards their husband that they would prefer to die if their husbands were dead, there was purity & dedication within a relationship.

History about Sati.

Great King Bharatri (Father of Vikram Samvat), a servant comes with a message in front of the Queen Pingla, a news that your husband died while hunting in the jungle, SHE DIED THE SAME MOMENT AFTER HEARING SUCH NEWS (This was an identity of a pure Sati Women in our Vedic days) However Gorokhnathji made her alive once again, However, The King renounced.

Gandharai from Kandhar/Afgan (Mother of Kauravas) entered the fire with King Ditrashtra.

Kunti Mata (Mother of Pandavas) wanted to perform sati but she was been denied to do so because of her small kids. Instead of Mata Kunti, Madree performed Sati (Mother of Nakul & Sahdev)

Mata Uttra (Mother of King Parikshit & wife of Abhimanyu) wanted to perform sati but because of The kid in her womb she was not allowed to.

Forceful Sati Practise started after the Invaders entered our Mother land

Alexender & his team raped many Kastriya womens & he saw these women’s near Taxila entered fire.

AKBAR killed many innocents/crucified them brutally & due to which 13,000 women’s entered fire which we read in our History chapters, Practice of Jauhar known from Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh.

On February 24, 1568, Akbar (the great) called for a pogrom and brutal massacre of 30,000 defenceless Hindus of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan who had refused to convert to Islam. Abul Fazl, Akbar's court chronicler justified this slaughter, their wife had to enter Fire/sati.

Gagodangad/Rajasthan around 40,000 women’s practised Sati near the fort of Pipaji which is still a monument in our country, Sati was practised because their husbands were killed in war by the Mugals.

Womens were never been forced to enter fire however those were the text/practices manipulated by THE BRITISH RAJ to demotivate our vedic teachings. Widows accepted Sati on their own free will & were never been forced by their family members but to DEMOTIVATE US THE BRITISH RACE TRIED TO BE A HERO, indeed at the time of British Raj they raped many Bharatiya women’s & forcefully the women’s committed suicide, many also accepted Sati when their Freedom fighter husbands were been killed by these White Elephants/Britishers/Europeans/Portuguese.

If Romeo & Juliet dies for each other their relationship is termed as Pure love & when Sati System was practise it was/is been criticized by the whole world & our own Bharata citizens. That Bhartaiya is a FOOL/RACIST who criticize Sati system because it was not been forced by anybody but was a free will of a women expressing their love towards their husbands.

If Sati is been criticized what can we say about the present situation where the Young’s commit suicides for their loved ones? PURE LOVE? MORDERNIZATION? Or Sati in an Ignorant manner?

This post is not to talk about the Vedic Practise on Sati or to continue with such practise, but to highlight the way we are been demotivated by the Mellachas, Huns & Yawans due to which this was been a forceful practise & our History chapter Highlights the White Elephants as Heros who implemented a law to ban sati in the 18th century. But it was the widows free will & so the matter of banning arrived after women’s in Bharata were been raped & torched by the invaders because before that there were no such issues in our Society.

||HaRe KriSHna||