simplest way to liberate from the cycle of life & death,


May 1, 2019
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Perfect Example of Bhakti marg which is the simplest way to liberate from the cycle of life & death, compared to other Yog margs, bhakti can be done by anybody & everybody. This incident is hardly 30 years old, an Elephant who was a great devotee of Bhagwan Narayan.

Bhagwan Guruvayoor is Sri Krishna himself. According to the legend this deity of Shree Hari Vishnu was given to Uddhavji by Sri Krishna himself when he returned to his Goloka Dhama at the end of Dwaparyuga around 5114 BKB years. Uddhavji took help of Guru Brihaspati the guru of Devtas & Vayudev to install this deity due to which the deity was named by GURU & VAYU - Guruvayoor.

One Legend also says that mata Yashoda personally worshipped this Divine deity of Bhagwan Narayan & was later been installed out here at Kerala which is also known as the Land of The Gods.

This post is about Gajendra Keshavan who resides in the hearts of many devotees, Born in the year 1904 gifted by a Royal family to the Guruyaoor temple, Nilambur. At the age of 10 Keshavan had tremendous love & respect for Guruvayoor bhagwan, His original size can be seen in the picture attached, was very huge & would always remain in the premises of the temple until he was alive. He always held his head higher in comparison to his peers & demonstrated a weird perceptivity, sixth sense. Devotees named him Gajraj. He was 72, 3.2metres tall, and participated in every ceremony at the temple. Kerala’s biggest and grandest elephant, Gajarajan Kesavan, served the Lord and people for the long 54 years

The divine Keshavan on 2nd December 1976 fasted for the most Auspicious Guruvayur Ekadashi, Kesavan fell ill while Thidambu was placed on his head. He couldn’t hold on his legs. The Thidambu was soon transferred to another elephant and Kesavan was brought to the Kovilakam compound. He died in front of Bhagwan Guruvayoor with his trunk stretched in front as a last salute to express his love & respect towards the supreme, he must have been to Vainkutha dhama. Who have seen him will never forget Kesavan. To commemorate him, a 12 feet high statue has been erected in front of Sreevalsam rest house (Picture attached) Keshavan’s trunk was later been removed & decorated in the temple entrance gate as shown in the last picture & In between his trunks the original picture frame of Kesavan is been kept.

Bhakti can be done by animals also then why not humans?
Even Mahaprabhu who appeared 527 years back at Nabdweep dham made the birds, wild animals, poisonous animals chant the holy name & made them dance with him in sankirtan which he did in the Jungle of Jarkhand. Many such examples definitely motivate us to learn the importance of Hari naam which is also avail in Animal kingdom. The best devotees had been from the animal kingdom.

Sri Garudraj (Eagle)
Sri Jathayu, Sampati (Vulture)
Sri Gajendra (Elephant)
Sri Kagbhushandiji (Crow)
Sri Sankarshana ( The Serpant)
Sri Nandi (The Bull)
Sri Haigriva (The horse) & many more.

Vedic Text truly proves that God is one & he belongs to everybody, we fight on the name of Religion, country, caste, etc & later we pledge in our School, colleges for our country saying all Indians are my brothers & sister but we never mean what we say however Vedic Scripture proves that God is one who is our father & when our father is one why should we differentiate our brothers & sisters or soul mates in spiritual terms?
God himself incarnates not just as a human but also in animal kingdom to please every living creature.

Matsya (Fish) - to please all the Water creatures
Kruma (Tortoise) - Amphibians
Hamsa (Swan)- Birds
Varaha (Wild Boar), Narshimadev (Lion) - Please all the wild 4 legged animals
Haigriva (Horse) - Please all the grass eating animals
Manushya (Humans & super Humans) - Sri Ram/Krishna to please mankind.
Rishi - Nar/Narayan, Parshuram to please all saints, rishis, Maharishis etc.

Vedic Scriptures got the perfect example of who exactly God is & about his creation, we are SANATAN DHARMA followers. Sanatan Means eternal - Every living soul within this Universe are all eternal living beings from the Creator Sri Brahmaji to a tiny ant on planet Earth, they are all Eternal/Sanatan & follow their dharma as destined by God. We all living creatures are equal in the eyes of The God but God is more attracted to those living beings who are truly dedicated to him.