Tantric Sex - Sex and The Tantra


May 1, 2019
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Tantra is an ancient framework where spiritual enlightenment is related expanded orgasm. Tantra pre-dates Hinduism and Buddhism, but still exists in India and Tibet alongside these mainstream religions. In the West, they have hijacked some of the sexual techniques in order to discover sexual satisfaction. Learning tantra can definitely help you live life to the full.

If you feel dissatisfied with sex or have lost your desire for it (or your partner), make it a priority to rouse your libido. Just as a person’s libido is considered their motivating force in life, tantra assumes that there is a powerful current of sexual energy that flows through our bodies. Make a commitment to yourself to explore your sensual nature and get in touch with yourself. All people deserve sensual pleasure and sexual fulfillment in his or her lives.

If there is no teacher nearby or the idea of trying Tantra in a group setting is unnerving, there are basic exercises to try at home that can still help you to connect on a deeper, more sexually satisfying level. One of the most important things is to be comfortable, both physically and mentally. Sit down with your partner and enjoy some activity that helps you feel connected, whether that is feeding each other treats or making out. When you are both comfortable, look into each other’s eyes and focus on your breath. Take long, slow, deep breaths, and as you relax, start to match your breath with your partner’s.

The sustained eye contact can seem uncomfortable and even silly at first. Fits of giggles are perfectly normal; just let them happen, and then get back down to the deep breaths. When you’re comfortable with this and can sustain eye contact and harmonized breath, it is time to move onto the fun part, i.e., erotic touch.

It may be scary to talk about what you want, but make the attempt. Tell your partner in a clear and loving way exactly where and how you want to be touched. If you find yourself getting aroused, you’re probably doing it right. Don’t jump to intercourse just yet, although it is tempting, let yourself experience the pleasurable sensations for a while. Remember to maintain eye contact all the while.

The Couples who try tantric sex in their life claim that these sexual techniques makes their relationship more fulfilling all round. Love-making lasts much longer the tantric way, instead of lasting a few minutes, the whole process lasts hours. As sexual connection with your partner increases and deepens, your sex desire also increases thereby improving in the quality of sex life.

Tantric sex provides more than just whole body orgasms and continuous sex all night. It can increase your energetic field, sensual awareness and enrich the meaning of your life. Good sex is an art that requires time and attention for it to begin to flourish. Busy and stressful lifestyles can wreak havoc on our body, mind, and spirit; our sex lives are usually the first aspect to suffer. We could all definitely handle more of the enjoyment that comes from good sex.

Tantric sex seduces with its potential for endless ecstasy. It ensures orgasm and the feelings of emotional satisfaction in the women. Men find tantric techniques can help them to keep it erect longer. One objective of tantric sex is to expand your orgasms from local genital experiences to 'whole body' orgasms. These prolonged orgasms are the kind where you feel energy rushing up through your body and into the crown chakra of your head. This opens a whole new world for your body, mind, and spirit. You will grow spiritually, and have more spiritual experiences during tantric sex. Experiencing the endless orgasms provides a much needed avenue for all of the stresses and worries of everyday life to release. So, all in all, tantric sex is a positive experience that all couples should experience.