Teacher Student jokes in English to Make You Laugh

Apr 30, 2019
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Teacher : You all know the law of gravitation explains how we manage to stay on the ground.
Student : Yes, but how did people stay on the ground before the law was passed.

Teacher : Shawn why did Robin Hood rob the rich?
Shawn : Because the poor did not have any money.

Teacher : Anil, what will happen if the Third World War takes place?
Anil : There will be one more lesson to study in History.

Teacher : "Who is the laziest member of the class, Ramesh?"
Ramesh : "Don’t know, sir."
Teacher : Anyway, I will provide you with a clue. When all the others are doing hard work, studying their books and writing their lessons, who is it that sits idly in his seat and watches the rest instead of working?"
Ramesh : "The teacher, sir."

Teacher : In our daily prayer, why do we say, "Lord, give us this day our daily bread? Why don’t we pray for bread for a week at least so that we need not have to pray for bread everyday?
Johnny : We pray for daily bread in order to get it fresh!
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